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365 photo project: week 37

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365 photo project: week 36

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365 photo project: week 35

late again.  big f’in deal.

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365 photo project: week 34

The photo in the right top corner summarizes how Lillienne felt for exactly seven days. What a nasty flu that was. Fevers, barf everywhere (on floors and towels and t-shirts and everywhere including the kitchen sink) plumbing issues (seriously, right?!?!), interesting yet disgusting non stop diarrhea and a fussy, unhappy, lethargic baby living off pedialtye, gravol and baby tylenol. At one point she woke up from her nap shaking, and her lips, hands and feet had turned blue. We flew across the bridge to the ER where they checked her over, gave her more tylenol, and did a catheter urine test on her to check for an infection in her bladder.  No infection, and they told us the blueness was just her body trying to keep blood in the core but that was the scariest shit ever!
Everyone here has pretty much recovered so its back to work, back to naps and back to nice, normal, happy healthy lives. Hallelujah, Homies.
And apparently, it’s spring now. There are flies outside, spiders on my balcony and i just found an ANT crawling on my window. 21 floor UP OFF THE GROUND. WTF??!!

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365 photo project: week 33 (late)

The past few days have been about vomiting, diarrhea, pedialyte, a trip to the ER and laundry.  Dustin, Lillienne and I have been sick with the flu, and the laundry hamper smells like throw up. We’ve gone through 37972 diapers, 10 cartons of wipes, two flats of toilet paper and a keg of gingerale.  One sick baby with two exhausted sick parents, toss in seventeen minutes of sleep in 4 days and an always occupied toilet and WELCOME TO THE FUN HOUSE!!!

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365 photo project: week 32 (late)

Oh and by the way, my bangs have now grown out to how I originally tried to cut them.
So we purchased a Canon 5D Mark II. And we are officially dating. It’s beautiful, and sometimes I just walk by and pet it very slowly, and then quickly make out with it if Dustin is in the other room. Seriously? It’s a wonderful camera. And the 24-105 L series lens? Holy crikey batman. Can you say KAPOWBANGBOOM!! Also, I’m pretty sure this camera and lens is going to tone up my arms by the end of the summer. It feels like holding up a cinder block compared to my xti.

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365 photo project: week 31

she wore a raspberry beret, duh.


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