I am a mother, girlfriend, and photographer  I live with my baby daddy Dustin and my one and a half-year old daughter, Lillienne. We  enjoy cheese, sleeping, and copious amount of beer. When Lillienne is sleeping, of course.

I started this blog back in 2008 when I first found out I was pregnant, wanting to chronicle and record every episode of projectile vomit from morning sickness, cheeseburger binge and slurpee craving. Since pregnancy only lasts so long (THANK GOD) I had to start writing about other stuff. Big stuff. Like the life altering experience of giving BIRTH and having a BABY. Now I  write about  explosive diarrhea diapers (Lilliennes, not mine), tequila shots that I may indulge in on weekends, and raising my amazing kid. This little space of mine has grown from a blog about pregnancy and motherhood to now a blog about my rantings and ravings, photography, recipes, current projects (insert Holmes on Homes theme song here),  and yes of course; cheeseburger bingeing. Because that  never ends.

Want to send me stuff for a review? Or luxurious gifts? Or beer? Or just send me money? Email me.  sarah@littlebabyfeet.com

We make our home in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and we love it here.

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