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Nobody Likes Cottage Cheese.

I am  at my pre-baby weight.  Which was nothing to get too excited about before, but it is now.  I would like to lose a lot more poundage, seeing as how I am getting married in a few months. And for other reasons, of course. Like actually being able to wear knee-high boots, leggings, and to actually wear shorts without people pointing and saying “Look! Its a walking bowl of cottage cheese! Crazy!”

Did you know that getting back down to your pre baby weight is not the same as your pre baby body?


Things shift. Droops. Slide.

And us C-Section girls? It is like carrying a ball of warm dough on your tummy. Or like a sac of jello that hangs so very attractively. My tummy is still so soft. I guess I really need to build up those muscles again and do some crunchies. Mmmm, remember those Crunchie chocolate bars? I wonder if they still make them.

Dustin and I do have gym memberships although we havent used them in months. Although we have been doing so much work to the yard and house that I keep thinking “We dont even need to go to the gym – look at all the work were doing” Although were paying $$$ a month for nothing. I need to get back to the gym.

I ordered my wedding dress in January, and told the sales girl “Order me a size smaller. I plan on dropping at least 20 lbs”. And the witch snarled and said “EVERYONE says that. Brides rarely do, though.”

What a thing to say. I hope she deals with feral and rabid Bridezillas ALL.YEAR.LONG. And dreams of them, too.

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Important Pre Marital Conversations.

Have you checked out that new coffee shop on 22nd?

Uh, no. Where is it?

Right close to downtown. I drove by and it was just filled with…you know…those kind of people.

Granola heads?

Kinda. But not too granola. You know….less granola but more…

Oh. You mean Yuppies?


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