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Brody, If You Can Hear Me….Mmmm.

Alright, so I missed The Hills last night on MTV but I caught it this morning on First of all, Spencer needs to be heavily medicated and put in a large soft room, fed chocolate milk and oreos and then get the $@&% beat out of him.  It’s quite clear those crystals arent doing anything besides possibly keeping the veins in his next from exploding.

What a whackjob! And Heidi. That poor girl She is now 98% Tupperware, 1% android and 1% Joan Rivers.
I enjoy watching The Hills because it distracts me for 30 minutes from diapers, crackers, barbies and Goodnight Moon. Also, because those skinny bitches have the best shoes and I like to imagine myself teetering around in stilletto’s on Rodeo Drive with the biggest problem that I have being if I get to sleep with Brody Jenner or not that night…
Back to real life. I’ll get you next time, Jenner….next time.

Probably Poor Parenting:
Encouraging your child to dance to “My Humps”
Also, please note her fab outfit!

lillienne is 15 months old today!

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Hi, Turkey.

Lillienne, 13 months

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Month Twelve.

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Chelsea Handler

In times of great sorrow, despair, anger and hurt, being able to turn to comedy to laugh feels wonderful.

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