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365 photo project: week 25


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365 photo project: week 24

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Grow Up. Stay Little.

“I ate how many blueberries?”

Tomorrow Lillienne will be eleven months old. In the past few weeks she has been standing up on her own and taking a few hesitant first steps. She sprouted her ninth tooth, and has mastered the art of waving hello and goodbye, clapping, shaking her head “no” and is addicted to multi grain cheerios. She loves being read to, and my days consist of Green Eggs and Ham, There’s a Wocket in my Pocket and the Little Critter books.
I am having a hard time dealing with the fact next month we will be celebrating her first birthday, although watching her grow and learn and play is the best thing in life. Were not renting a pony or a clown or having a theme, but we’re going to throw a come and go birthday bash for her….since not all family members can play nice together. It’s heartbreaking for me to think of how fast she is growing up, and how her babyness disappears just a little bit more everyday.

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Nearly walking, gibberish talking, and the cuteness of a ten month old.

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My Lizzle is Tizzle Mizzle, For Rizzle.

10 things i love about my (not such a baby anymore) baby.

1.Her laugh. It almost sounds fake, like she is really only laughing to amuse us instead of her laughing because she is being amused.

2. When she wakes up from a nap, she is already waving “hi!” before her eyes are fully open.

3. How she crawls after Dustin all weekend when he is home, soaking up the minutes before it’s Monday and he’s back to work all week again.

4. How she grins and smiles when I start to sing the ABC’s.

5. How when she sees yogurt she is frantic and so excited.

6. I love how Lillienne takes tiny sips of my chocolate milk. (TINY sips, people. Slow down.)

7. How she looks up at me when she is eating, and makes me feel like nothing will ever be this special, this huge, this amazing.

8. When she hasn’t seen me for a few hours and she gets all excited and makes up a whole paragraph of “words” but nothing makes sense.

9. How she loves cheese, just like me.

10. How she has changed my life.

Today Lillienne is 10 months old.

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Nine Months

An Open Letter to Lillienne:
Being pregnant for nine months goes by SLOW. It barely goes by at all. I was pregnant forever with you. Nine months back then was ages.
But having you for nine months…went by in a blink. I burped, and you were suddenly nine months old. 9. NINER! Nerf. Or Neuf.
Around this time nine months ago, you were born. You were a c-section baby and nearly 2 weeks late because you were stubborn and decided that you wanted to stay put. My darling daughter, I loved being pregnant with you. I loved carrying you around everywhere I went, feeling your kick when I was out for supper, eating chocolate in the middle of the night, or watching a movie. I loved feeling you kick inside of me. Nine month ago, you were a tiny little thing that could only be laid down on your back, or cuddled. You were a wonderful baby, right from the start. There were a few nights I almost had a break down, but you were pretty easy on your Mama and Daddy, and we felt so lucky to have such a great baby. Nine months ago we had you, eighteen months ago we fell in love with you.
You have changed so much, it’s hard to believe that tiny baby in the pictures was ever you. It’s hard to believe you ever wore such tiny clothes, that you slept a tiny little cradle, that we thought you would wear use those tiny baby mittens so you don’t scratch your eyes out. You’ve gone from newborn to infant to chubby, giggly baby, and our favourite thing is watching you grow up. You’re the light of our lives, you’re the sun and the moon and the stars, and we’re not sure what life was about before you.
These days, you’re crawling faster than the speed of light. You’re reaching, just about waving, and babbling non stop. When we read to you, you try to talk too, and it’s hard to be heard over your boisterous outbursts. You’re still loving yogurt (actually anything edible), and if we are eating and you’re not, that situation is quickly solved. You’re hungry for everything, all the time, yet you’re so dainty and petite and girly.
You’ve got big smiles, bigger energy, and seven teeth. You’re cruising around furniture and must always be moving and pulling yourself up to something. Being horizontal is for slackers.
Today you are nine months old. At this time, nine months ago, you were with Daddy getting your first bath in the hospital, and I was numb from the boobies down, calling everyone and telling them “She looks exactly like me!”

Even though you looked exactly like your Daddy.

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little turkey was eight months old yesterday

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