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Six Months.

My obsession. My tiny love. My wonderous spawn. My beautiful daughter. Six months today. SIX! As in….6 months old. I am having an extremely hard time right now, struggling with the fact some day SOON I am going to have to leave her, going to have to return to work and LEAVE HER WITH SOMEONE WHO ISN’T ME. Someone else is going to see her smile, hear her laugh, smell her shit, be bitten by her serrated pearly whites. It makes me want to EXPLODE with tears at the thought. Although I am very thankful I live in Canada, and have a 12 month Maternity Leave. (The rest of you? Suckers! How do you do it?!?!?!)
How can she be six months old, already? I seriously gave birth SIX months ago? Well for the record, I didnt really give birth so much as have her sliced and diced out of me. Anyway. I am completely obsessed with this baby. I go in to her room when she is sleeping about 64972 times a night, putting the blankets back on, smelling her cheeks, touching her tiny fingers. I secretly save her fingernail clippings and put them in my cereal. Nothing like ingesting love. When she is awake, all I want to do is cuddle her and capture some babyness, but she’s way too wiggly and independent for that shit. She is pure magic, people. MAGIC. I love her so much and all her baby goodness, and I’m going to have an emotional breakdown because she wont be this small tomorrow, pretty soon she wont be a teeny tiny baby any more, and I will be an old haggard broad obsessed with her 17 year old daughter who sneaks into the room in the middle of the night to smell her daughters hair. Pretty sure I’ll have to dodge a few punches, but it will be worth it. Happy Six Months, Lillienne. I Love You More Than Anything In This World. Even Cheese. I know, right!?!?!

And Yes, I am Lillienne’s Papparazzi.


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