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Raised Vegetable Garden

Finally, some stuff is sprouting in the beds.  Green and yellow onion, shallots, peas, cucumbers, and lettuce. Rock-fucking-on. I’ve noticed already just how much faster raised veggie gardens drain – these things love water. I am thinking I’m going to add lots of mulch as the plants get bigger.

I’ve had my tomato plants outside a few times but they’re still not big or strong enough to be transplanted. I’ve already transplanted them once to 4″ pots from the little jiffy pot things to build up the room system but I can wondering if i have to do it again in 8″ pots? Maybe I’ll just use 4L milk jugs so I don’t have to go to Home Depot or Wal Mart. Again. For the 35646th time this month. Barry in the Gardening Center has already issued me with a restraining order after asking him where stuff is 8943 times a day. My numbers are not made up.

I still have to plant my tomatoes, garlic, asparagus crowns and basil and spinach, and a few other things. Nothing like a late start!

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Raised Vegetable Garden.

I’ve put in my very first vegetable garden. Booyah.

Being a homeowner is a wonderful thing! Knowing that we are here to stay for a few years and wanting to invest in a great garden that we can enjoy for seasons to come is a good feeling.

When we were renting, and even before I met Dustin, I usually had a small herb garden and maybe some cherry tomatoes, strawberries or something growing in containers. But this year I decided to put in a proper garden and attempt to grow a few things I haven’t before, things I wanted to enjoy through the fall and winter.

I took over a 16×16 patch that was FILLED with weeds.I’m talking about “Dude, I’m not going in there, I think there’s a hobo living behind that enormous dandelion forest” weeds.

The following photos show after I dug out all of the weeds in half of the section, and starting to clear out the other half after being cleared of the biggest weeds and a few weeds that were the size of a tree, and the end result: a raised vegetable garden with pea gravel paths.

That, my friends, was a run on sentence.

The paths are a bit uneven, but obviously its way better that way. My vision for this space also includes vines covering the fencing (although I’m waiting for Dustin to finish the new fence on that side of the yard before I plant) and flowers everywhere along the outside of the chicken wire fencing. But we also have a puppy and a toddler, and I’m not sure how fair it would be to inflict that kind of torture on what I would really like to plant there.

I’m thinking of doing a herb container garden in the middle of the beds and possibly planting 3 raspberry bushes I bought near the garden as well. Berries are wonderful and I’m excited to gorge on them for years.

What has been/will be planted/will hopefully grow:

Romaine Lettuce
Green onion
Yellow onion

I’m also composting this year and I’m excited to see and use the soil it produces as well as reduce the amount of stuff we throw in the garbage. Its awesome for all the fruit I buy that I forget about until its unrecognizable in the fridge.
Between composting and our recycle bin, we have cut down on our household waste by atleast 75 percent! This calls for a bottle of wine. Which we can recycle later.

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