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Dumpster VS. Tablecloth

Although I am sure all the vegetarians in the world died just a little bit tonight when Lady Gaga walked out in her “meat dress” near the end of the VMA’s, I was pumped she won some awards. Her music is like nothing else and it makes me want to get up and shake my groove thing no matter what I am doing.  However original and creative her outfits are, I enjoy looking at them but they should probably never ever be recreated and worn in society for fear of causing car accidents and aneurysms. Here are my choices for best and worst dressed at the 2010 VMA’s.

BEST: Props to Florence + The Machine for this dress. I love it. Sort of Grecian Goddess meets Grandma’s Tablecloth. Modesty at it’s finest! She was fully clothed, her side boob wasnt peeking out and she managed to rock red hair and lips with a PEACH dress and still look beautiful. I’m not a fan of the color but I loved the style and lines of this dress. And she can actually sing. Which brings me to the worst dressed…


Why does Ke$ha always look like she just crawled out of a dumpster and is half asleep? She always looks in need of a shower and some Calgon spray. Eyeliner isn’t meant to look like you’ve got black tanning goggles on, and the Jack Sparrow hair braid thing looks like there may be a family of small birds nesting in it.  Her “music” is lame and I think she needs to go away. She tries way too hard and loses any cred. Pirate Hair, Faux Fur, and Mini Dresses = Fail.I’m sure she will be on Celebrity Rehab in a few years with a mullet and chin hair.

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Isn’t Ga Lovely?

Just when you think everything has been done because Madonnas is getting old (let’s face it people…and her arms are scary) Lady Gaga steps into the spotlight with orbs, bikinis, and pop cans in her hair. Some people don’t like Lady Gaga. I’m not one of them. I adore her. I love listening to her music. I love the fact when she has an event to attend she wears what we would only ever dare to imagine, if that’s even possible. She’s constantly pushing the limits with fashion and make up and being an artist at the same time, using her body and face and hair like a canvas and simultaneously pumping out catchy tunes and dancing like nobody’s bad business. This chick can dress up like a Christmas Tree to go somewhere, but I find it hard to find the motivation to remember to pluck my eyebrows. She’s held my interest on so many levels because I’m a bit of a celebrity junkie, but also love playing around with hair and make up.  I love clothes, but she is BEYOND fashionable, donning “outfits” that nobody has ever seen because she’s got a wiener or something with crazy radar. Bluffin’ with her Muffin, I think the term is called. I love watching dancing and performing and when I see her on the TV for some odd reason I can’t move my eyes from her and her hot legs and bikini bum, and she seems so beautiful and confident and truly unique and different. I love dancing around to her music with Lillienne and dancing like some crazy “Thriller” video cast off who didn’t make the cut.

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Tonight Dustin and I are going out to see KISS! They’re playing here tonight and I am super pumped to go see them. And have a couple beer. And party every day! Actually I don’t think I would be able to party every day. I’m a bit lame like that, I really need my sleep and alcohol has been known to make me vomit, and I’m not one of those people who can puke and then continue drinking.

Nope, I’m more like Lindsay. Definitely.

I’m not too sure about our seats, the seating chart shows us sitting almost on top of Gene Simmons’ lap. AWESOME! I think he is a hilarious dude. We used to watch Family Jewels all the time until the baby was born. Back when we had free time. Ahh
Maybe tomorrow I’ll see Shannon Tweed at Sobey’s, and we’ll be buying the same brand of feta cheese and she’ll be all like “I love feta too! Why don’t you guys fly down to LA and live in our guesthouse? I can get you a part on The Hills!”
OMG I am totally going to Sobey’s tomorrow because it could totally happen.

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Hugest Blowup Doll Ever.

Yesterday, Lillienne’s Granny and Auntie came over and spent the night, so Dustin and I could go to AC/DC.
We totally picked up a forty of rye and hit the highway since the concert was 3 hours away, and by the time we got to the concert, we were so drunk that I don’t even remember anything except falling into some guys and making a complete ass out of myself, I’m sure.

Not. Perhaps in a previous life/a few years ago.
I had a couple beer, but nothing to brag about. I didn’t even get a buzz. The concert was great and the music was awesome, and they put on a fantastic show. Those dudes are like…mega-old and they have WAY more energy than I do. And probably easy access to drugs. But hey. Power AND kudos to them!! We were seated behind a row of sloppy, messy douchebags who were clearly all single and/or gay (there’s nothing wrong with that, I just think it’s weird to see dudes hug that much), but we had good seats and a fun night out and beer, and a decent dinner out before the show. I still thought of Lillienne the whole time.

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