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365 photo project: week 29

Late again. WTF!? I know.

This child is on the move. She burns more calories running around the place than she eats. She still prefers cheese and cheese related products. She recently got (another) new pair of new shoes for her birthday, and when I put shoes on her feet, she will spend a couple hours just running around even more than usual, doing laps around the kitchen because her new shoes squeak on the linoleum. I cannot wait for warmer weather and to get this child out grazing running in the grass. I’m looking forward to what I hope will be an excellent summer for Lillienne, now that she is running around,  interacting more and coming into her character. She’s such a little comedian.


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I guess it’s my turn to eat chip dip with my fingers.

Every year, Dustin goes to school for a week or so in Fairview, Alberta. Last year he didn’t go because I was ready to pop out our baby, but this year, sadly, he’s gone. Until Saturday AM. Boo.
I decided to get a head start in my bachelorette-ing and let Lillienne’s Cheerios lay all over the living room for two whole hours before I got disgusted that I couldn’t walk anywhere without grinding a whole wheat snack into my carpet.  I’ve suckered both my sister and my friend to sleeping over sometime this week, thus providing some interaction for both Lillienne and I with someone other than each other. She is a total Daddy’s Girl, and I am predicting before the end of the week the wrath of “WHERE THE F IS MY DADDY?!” will be unleashed.
Lillienne  has also sprouted her 12th tooth (she is only one!), and that”s including four molars, two on each side of her mouth. She hasn’t been sleeping through the night since before Christmas, and I am hoping she’s done teething  for a while. It’s as if they were handing out super powers the day she was conceived and she got stuck with “rapid tooth development”.
We managed to peel ourselves away from the TV and Olympics on Saturday night, and took in a hockey game with our local WHL league. I wasn’t as upset with the fact that our team lost, as I was with the fact that DRAFT beer was $6.75! and bye-bye, Lillienne’s Savings. Kidding, we took out a small personal loan before we went to the game to pay for our beer all night.
Oh, and by the way, CONGRATULATIONS CANADIAN ATHLETES! You totally took over my heart in 17 days. Talk about bling bling!

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365 photo project: week 28 (late)

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From Pablum To Prada.

Lillienne’s first birthday party was wonderful. At one point there was 34 people in our dining room and living room, and although I seriously considered jumping off the balcony just to get some fresh air, everything went smoothly: there were no tears or open wounds, and Lillienne charmed everyone by walking around, babbling her excitement. She was so good, and even though she missed her afternoon nap, she let her cousin carry her around like a farm cat, was patient as she was passed around from relative to friend and back again, and grinned like a fool for most of the photos.
I have a hard time believing that a year has gone by, and that the little girl wobbling around in her little party dress was the same baby who we brought home from the hospital, the tiny baby who just lay on her back and squirmed for the first 3 months of her life. It’s amazing how fast she grew up, from rolling over to army crawling to full on baby crawling to walking to nearly running. From formula to rice cereal mush to berries and cheese and crackers. From a teeny tiny cradle to a crib. From a little blue plastic tub to the big bath tub with bubbles and bath toys and Tupperware in the tub. From swaddling blankets and tiny onesies to leggings and shoes and frilly shirts. From baby hats to hair clips and bows. From rattles to cabbage patch dolls. From dewy dewy dewy to hi mom, hi dad. From lying on her back swatting at toys to turning pages in books and chewing on the couch. From baby snowsuits to toques and mittens, pink snow boots and sled rides. From rolling over to dancing when music or figure skating is on TV. From newborn to baby to little girl. From Dustin and I.


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Month Twelve.

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Gold Medals and Old Cheddar.

The TV has been on CTV since the olympics started last week. I have to say that although I do not enjoy watching all of the olympic sports, I somehow feel compelled to watch them. Congratulations to Alex Bilodeau! And did you guys see Maelle Ricker? She smoked all those other chicks! Good on you, Maelle. Canada’s second gold medal ever on home ground. That was awesome to watch! Also, Dale Begg-Smith can eat cookies in my bed anyday. Yum. Even if he is a sore loser. Boo.
I once had a chance at gold, the olympics. I was a star, a figure skater, and I was BORN TO WIN! I trained day and night, I sacrificed everything, and I even bedazzled my own outfits. And then, I woke up, changed Lillienne’s diaper and watched Super Why! with her.
This time last year, I was 41 weeks pregnant. This time last year, I would have been induced tomorrow. This time last year, I was eating curries and large amounts of pineapple, cleaning my baseboards and going for 5km walks, ANYTHING, in hopes of having the baby come. This time last year, I would be going to bed in the evening knowing that I was going to be induced in the morning.
And now, there’s an almost one year old baby girl in the next room, curled up on top of her blanket, most definitely clutching her panda finger puppet, a little girls who’s hands smell of old cheddar cheese and whole wheat crackers, a little girl with one beauty mark on the bottom of her left foot, a little girl who says Mama and Dada and walks around stealing my heart all day.

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Finger Puppet Central

So before Lillienne was born, I bought a pack of ten finger puppets from Ikea. I didn’t know that I was investing in 10 bite size “security blankets”.
There’s a giraffe (Dustin says hyena but he is clearly delusional), a monkey, a bear, a frog, a toucan, a duck, a panda, and I’m pretty sure the rest are scattered about at Granny’s place and Auntie’s house.
The past few weeks, Lillienne MUST have one these clenched into her tiny left fist, carrying it wherever she goes. She carries one everywhere, and hasn’t lost one yet. She has one in her first when she goes to bed, and it is still in her fist when she wakes up. She has one mashed up in her fist while she eats her cheese, crackers, fruit, etc, and a couple of the puppets now smell like old cheddar and sausage.
She takes them in the bath with her. Dustin says this is FINE! (He takes it away when she starts sucking the bathwater out of them…) but I usually draw the line at the tub. Although I guess they do need to be washed, too.
In the last 500 or so photos of her, there is ALWAYS colorful small object in her hands.
Last week we went to the store and when we came home we realized she must have dropped the little bear puppet somewhere. My heart felt crushed. One of Lillienne’s tiny puppets was lost and alone, no longer crushed in her chubby left fist, probably abandoned in a murky dirty snowbank or in an aisle at Sobey’s.
And then last night we found it. Beside her car seat in the truck. And we were BOTH thrilled, Lillienne and I. Lillienne, because the puppet belonged in her hand, all mashed up. And me, because a little part of her babyness was salvaged.
I took one and put it in her memory baby box. Must. Savour. Babyness.

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