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October has been a ridiculous month for me. I’ve been busy with photo shoots, editing, compiling this, creating that, buying this and installing that, all the while still being a fabulous, young, hip mom, cooking supper when I remember too, as well as cleaning the house and all that other stuff. Before I opted to do this business thing I was very used to and comfortable with the fact that my days involved baby, cuddles, food, walks and playing. Now it’s the same, but I have to toss in a few work hours here and there, which I am really not used to, but Dustin has been pitching in a bit more, playing and hanging out with Lillienne more in the evenings so I can work.

Somewhere in October (two days ago, actually) my tiny green bean turned 8 months old. This means she can devour 4L of yogurt a week. She is pulling herself up to a standing position on the couch, and then gets frustrated because she knows if she lets go, its not going to be pretty. 8 months means she is still motoring across the room in her army crawl mode, still wearing out the feet in her sleepers. 8 months means 4 teeth and more ready to bust out any minute. 8 months means giggles and laughs and huge grins. 8 months means grabbing things out of your hands and wanting a bite of your bagel NOW.
I fall more in love with her everyday. Research shows she gets cuter every time she wakes up from a nap.

Yesterday’s eight month video is lame in the fact that the music I chose had nothing to do with Lillienne or anything else. I just found it as sample music on my desktop because I am not downloading anything unnecessary on my new PC! No music, no broken files, nothing. If you dont like it, please suck monkey balls.

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little turkey was eight months old yesterday

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