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Hot Fun In The Summertime

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365 photo project: week 38


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Bake your cake, fuck it up, and eat it, too.

So my mother’s birthday was on Friday and we decided that we were going to have a little get together on Sunday (today). I love watching the show “Cake Boss” and decided to whip out my skills because they make it look SO easy on t.v. and dudes, I can pretty much do anything, so I went and bought a bunch of stuff and started baking.
OMfuckingG what a disaster cake. As I was layering the two sheet cakes I made, one cracked in half. Then I tried to patch it up with icing, but the icing kept slipping and sliding and somehow half a can ended up in my mouth and the cake looked awful. The good thing about decorating a cake is technically speaking, you should be able to hide/fix all of your mistakes with icing. Unless a huge piece of cake crumbles off and you just cover up the mother effing hole with a 1/2 can of frosting and hope whoever gets that piece of cake keeps their big mouth shut, and if they don’t, HEY MAYBE NEXT TIME YOU BRING THE CAKE, BUDDY.

This cake is slightly more impressive than the one I made.

It did taste pretty good, though.
Tomorrow my mother and sister and I are taking off for two nights to my aunt’s cabin. I’m bringing Lillienne which should be an interesting mix of disastrous and relaxing, if I know my child at all. I am excited to sit back, relax, have a few drinks and maybe get my nose in a good book or two. But mostly for the drinks. Ahhhhhhhhhhh.

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Granny Claus is Coming to Town!!

I am so excited My Mother is moving home- in two days. Holla! Do my laundry! It will be great for Lillienne to have one Grandma in the city- and Farm Grandma isn’t really that far away, either. I know a lot of my childhood memories are about me and my Grandma, and I will never forget them. I want Lillienne to have tons of great memories with her Grannies, too. And ofcourse, another babysitter. More margarita’s, please!!

My Mother stayed with us when Lillienne was born. Or rather, she came a month early because she swore Lillienne was going to come early…..She stayed a few weeks before Lillienne was born, and about a week and a half after. She was fantastic. I was kind of anal and tried not to let her do too much for me, but she was a great help during the tornado of emotions that was the last few days of my pregnancy, Lillienne’s birth, and surviving those first few days without stabbing myself in the eyes with forks.

It’s really weird, seeing your own child with your parents. Watching them fuss over your baby, watching them make your baby laugh, watching your parents laugh when your baby scrunches up her face and does the Chucky look from Child’s Play. She has perfected this look.

okay, so she she’s a teeny bit cuter.


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A Little Foie Gras in the Bathtub

Dustin is the primary baby bather in the house. Mainly this is so I can clean up the kitchen from dinner but also because it’s half an hour I get to myself. I usually spend this time having tequila shots and a having a solo dance party on my balcony. Yesterday I gave her a bath for the first time in a couple weeks. I cannot stress how much this child loves the bath tub. She could probably live in the tub, providing I changed the water every few hours and removed her life jacket to feed her. From the very start she loved being in the bath, always kicking and smiling, and me wondering if she was going to take a crap in the tub. I’ve been lucky so far. I love her bathtimes and I think I may start designating Dustin to kitchen clean up duty instead. But I still get the tequila shots.
Last night she slept from 10pm until 10am. Crazy? Yes. Awesome? Yes. You’re jealous? Yes.
Next weekend Lillienne’s granny, My Mother, is moving back home. Today my sister and I are unloading all of her furniture, rooting through all of her personal belongings and picking out what we want. But dont tell her.

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