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iWin with the iPhone.

So, Dustin got an iPhone a few weeks ago. The one person in the world wide world who doesn’t even have his own email address or twitter, and refuses to join Facebook.

Which is probably a good thing, lest he see all the 19 year old guy “friends” I have on there.

Anyway, holy shit. A cool piece of technology the iPhone is. You can like, download games and stuff. (WOW!)

He is constantly poking fun at my blackberry. Which isn’t cool since he couldn’t even figure out how to turn my phone on if he tried. Also, news flash, Dustin. Cell phones have had games since like for.e.ver. I’m still the Bejeweled Champion of Western Canada. Eat it.

Anyway. Lillienne is a VERY narcissistic little gnome. I mean, really, Lily. Come on.

We MUST take 13698 videos of her a day. Mostly of her waving at the camera. And then we MUST watch them all. 42862 times. Its a wonderful parenting tool, but I worry.

I hope she isn’t going to be one of those girls who needs to look in every single mirror she walks by, or takes out her compact when her BFF is crying a river so she can inspect her eyeliner.

I beat the shit out of those girls in high school.

Ok, I was one of those girls.

Regardless, its pretty handy to have an iPhone.

Need to take a poo uninterrupted? Let her watch herself on the iPhone. Trying to eat a civilized meal in a restaurant but your kid is throwing forks at the waitress like a professional dart player? Let her watch herself on the iPhone. Need to dry shave your armpits because people are coming over and you just caught a glance in the reflection in the front entrance door and thought there was a small african family hiding out in your armpits and you don’t have time to shower again but your kid is pulling your pants down asking for something indecipherable and you just realized youre standing in front of your windows with said pants now around your ankles and oh fuck here comes the mailman? Let your kid watch herself on the iPhone.

Thank you, iPhone, for all of your co parenting help. High fives all around.

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Important Pre Marital Conversations.

Have you checked out that new coffee shop on 22nd?

Uh, no. Where is it?

Right close to downtown. I drove by and it was just filled with…you know…those kind of people.

Granola heads?

Kinda. But not too granola. You know….less granola but more…

Oh. You mean Yuppies?


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The REAL Blair Witch House.

The directions were wrong. When you first assemble the house, the box stated to “Hold in place for 10 minutes.” Obviously they meant an HOUR, because that’s how long it took after it caved in twice and chunks of the roof fell off and I had to prop it up with books. The pictures resemble nothing of what sits on my dining room table. It’s like a creepy, abandoned farmhouse with half the roof gone, with gumdrops. Its the Blair Witch Gingerbread House.

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We always sit in the weeds.

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The Most Beautiful Creature.

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Ten Things I Am Loving This Minute!

Van Houtte Raspberry Chocolate Truffle coffee!! This tastes so yummy! I ordered a massive box and there are only a few left. Mmm.




Autumn is my favourite time of year! The leaves are so bright (before they fall and we all have to clean our yards) and it’s chilly enough now the majority of the bugs are gone, but still nice enough to enjoy a few evenings in sandals.




Having a BIG, CLEAN office. Well, cleaner than how it was, anyway. We still need more shelves (my dream? Built in shelving someday for my library/office) and a change of wall color would be nice but I am content for now.



Lillienne is still sleeping – and it’s almost 10am.




The gym. I signed up about 2 weeks ago and so far so good. I just turn on my mp3 player to maximum volume and go. And yes that is me. I love carbs.



Green Smoke by MAC. Somehow on me it looks a little more gun metal-ish but the green element is still there. LOVE it!




Making supper. Since I’m the only one who ever cooks, it’s always up to me as far as what we are having. Dustin is picky and Lillienne tends to be, so some nights I saw screw it and we eat Kraft dinner. Or belly button lint. Or garbage. Lately I have been finding yummy recipes and meal planning and actually enjoying making supper again.



My bling I bought myself!  I’m pretty sure I found it at The Bay in Regina. It’s not real but it sure is pretty and makes me happy!




This photo. Because it never gets old. Ever.


These two. I love them more than anything. And look, Lillienne and I are pretty much carb loving twinsies. She’s eating a rice cake and holding bagels.


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Zombies keep the Romance Alive.

So last night we put the boss down to sleep and then somehow I came up with the idea of Dustin and I taking stills of each other while moving our eyeballs only with a slow shutter speed. Happy Halloween! Effect: zombieland.

Who is scarier, Dustin or myself???!!  (The first one that Dustin took of me was THE best, but I couldn’t even look at it I was so freaked out. I deleted it while covering the screen with my other hand)

We’ve got a great little Halloween costume for Lillienne this year, and I am excited to eat all of the candy she brings home take her on her first true trick or treating experience. Dustin and I even might check out a Halloween party and I’ve got a few ideas for costumes, it could be fun. Dustin’s costume will definitely involve something amazing what with all his hair body and what not, and I like to wear heels. I’m sure I will figure something out.

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