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Seriously, Jake is on Speed Dial.

Dustin comes home tonight. And apparently Lillienne hasn’t even noticed he has been gone. This bodes well for when I run off to Bermuda with Mr Gyllenhaal with Lillienne in tow in the near future. Sigh.
Today, we took in the gorgeous sunshine and went for a walk down by the river with my friend Jen and her little girl, Sophia. Today is also day two of my PGX experiment. You know, the stuff that costs fifty bucks a bottle but promises to change your life, even if you don’t.  That’s a pretty big promise, PGX. Does this mean I can continue to eat Cheetos, and by summer I can walk around in heels and a bikini (hell, i will settle for a flattering one piece) looking like Audrina Patridge (with real boobies, of course)?  We will see. Oh yes, we shall see. And of course I am joking, I really don’t eat as bad as I write about. I actually eat tons of healthy things but I’m just so damn lazy. Ugh. I might actually have to start going to the gym because I don’t necessarily want to drop tons of weight, I just want to firm up. And have a space between my thighs. And stop the upper arm thing that’s going on.

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Not knock knocking on knocked up’s door.

Oooh, look!  It’s coming! Don’t blink or you’ll miss it!
The Baby Train.
Is it just me, or is the whole world pregnant again, or planning on having another baby again, and soon? Why is everyone in Facebook pregnant except for me? Did I miss something? Was there a memo that went out? I must’ve been in the closet with my Cheetos.
Reasons why I want another baby:

1. I love babies.
2. They smell good.
3. We make a good baby.
4. We both want another child.

Reasons it’s not right for us to have a baby at this point in our lives:

1. The waking up 6 times a night thing. Boo.
2. We’re living in a 2 bedroom apartment already packed to the N-U-T-S.
3. I’m having a hard time coming up with more reasons. Oh, wait!
4. More diapers. MORE. And potentially more shit cloths.

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Living In A Dream World

If, for some reason, I was able to build a custom home and be able to furnish it with whatever I wanted, I think I would do something like the photos above. Alot of the furniture would change, it’s more the structure of the rooms that I love.

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