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Hot Fun In The Summertime

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365 photo project: week 36

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When Auntie Comes Over.

To be fair, I made sure Lillienne finished her lunch of sugar cubes, coffee beans  and gasoline before Auntie let her have Cheetos, Doritos and M&M’s.


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Happy Birthday, Celeste.

I don’t often write about my family on here besides Dustin and Lillienne. Mainly because I haven’t openly asked them how they would feel if I wrote about them, so I try to keep it to a minimum. This post though, is all about my sister.
Her name is Celeste, which means heavenly. She is five years older than me. I have always though of her as my best friend, and I know I am hers as well. Even though five years is a bit of a gap, we have mostly always gotten along. She made my teenage years pretty awesome. I got to hang out with her and her older friends, most of whom were super good looking and fun and just older than me, which alone I found exciting. I got into all the good parties, knew all the “cool” older kids, and nobody ever said mean things to my face which was nice, because she made it known she would kick some ass. Although I am pretty sure she would never hurt anyone, but it was nice. She let me hang around, let me play with her make up, let me borrow her clothes. She let me hang out and watch movies with her boyfriend(s) and took me out with her all the time. I was her little sister, and because of that, I’m sure I had it a bit easier in high school than some other kids did. Which is sad to say, but it’s true. She had a tons of friends which meant I had a tons of friends, too. Even if these days I consider those people not my friends. Anyway. She is a great sister. When I was pregnant she would come over and keep me company even when I was bitchy. I would fight with my own shadow on those days. I was SO fucking bitchy when I was pregnant, and she just brushed it aside. She would come over and clean my dishes, my bathroom, get me juice and watch A Baby Story with me for six hours straight, even thought I know it made her want to scratch her eyes out.
I remember telling her “No you’re NOT allowed in the room when I give birth.” She was really hurt but hey, I didn’t want anyone to see my vag and all that other nasty stuff. Plus, I was bitchy. Turns out when I was in labour, that’s all I wanted. I wanted Dustin and my sister and my Mommy in the worst way, even though I couldn’t say it. I was too full of pride. And bitchiness. When I had to have a c-section and I was whirled away, I wanted her to come with me. I wanted her and my mom there in the room with me, but the Dr’s said nope, sorry. Only Dustin was allowed.
After Lillienne was born, my family helped out with everything, but watching my sister with my baby was really special. She was so good with Lillienne. When Lillienne would fall asleep in her arms, I would say “here, let me put her in the swing” or “here, let me lay her down.” And my sister would be all “No, I’ll hold her until she wakes up.” Even though I know her arms had fallen asleep and her shoulder was probably spasming. She held Lillienne like she was never ever going to let her go.
When Lillienne sees my sister, her whole face lights up and changes. She smiles so wide and squirms and wiggles because MOM, MY AUNTIE IS HERE, YOU IDIOT! LET ME GO SEE HER and my sister’s whole face changes, too. You can actually see something switch on inside both of them, and it’s the best part when ever she comes to my house, or I go to her house.
My sister is the best sister. She is full of love and she would do anything for me and my little family. She would lend me her last ten dollars and has. She spoils Lillienne rotten even though she knows I think she should sometimes save her cash, but that’s her thing. She loves buying Lillienne stuff and really, I can’t stop her from buying stuff for her own niece. Just remember, Celeste, big toys stay at Auntie’s house.
Today is Celeste’s birthday, and I love her with all my heart. Sometimes it is easier for me to write the things I think instead of saying it out loud, because I pretend to be tough and non-chalant and all that but deep down we all know I would start crying if I had to tell her this to her face. I’m a HUGE softie. There, I said it.
Happy Birthday, Celeste. I love you so much. Thank you for being my sister, and thank you for loving Lillienne so much. You’re a wonderful Auntie.

Celeste and her Peanut.

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