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Giveaway – Two tickets to The Wiggles.

Up for grabs: TWO tickets to see The Wiggles live in concert in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Where: TCU Place

When: Friday, August 5th @ 6:30pm

Why: Obviously

My kid loves these guys. My mother bought her one of their DVDs and Lily goes ape for it. Want to win? Just leave a comment below. One entry per person. Winner will be chosen on July 25th 2011 via


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The Wiggles in Saskatoon! Want to go?

Stay tuned for a giveaway for TWO tickets to The Wiggles in Saskatoon on Friday, August 5th!

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A Horrible Mother.

I attempted to french braid Lily’s hair one night and I ended up doing something completely opposite which doesn’t have a name. But now I deem it  The Sister-Wives Updo For Toddlers.

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Internet, we have an office.

September was definitely one of the busiest months I’ve had yet. I think I was averaging something like 5 shoots a week, and with three weddings tossed in the mix, plus a few birthdays and regular tasks like housework/raising my child,  I am SO ready for a break. And maybe a few shooters. Or a tranquilizer.
I shot my last wedding for the year a couple of weeks ago and what a way to end the wedding season – it was a gorgeous, amazing fall wedding and the foliage was incredible. The bride and groom were blessed with an amazingly warm autumn day and it was all around nothing short of spectacular.
Enter October. Hurray! Things are slowing down a little bit – though not much but it’s alright because I have twelve hundred pounds of leaves to rake up. Editing (as always) to do. Getting this house into shape (we moved at the end of June and there are still boxes of clothes in our bedroom). Although yesterday I did complete my office – it’s now a functional, useable space and I’m THRILLED. Before it was a desk shoved in a corner surrounded by leaning boxes. Except for the five tubs of photography equipment and props that need to go in the closet which I have not cleared out yet –  I am so happy with my little office. I should probably go get some wine or something and celebrate the fact I’ve been in business for over a year and just NOW have a place I can really call an office – I can even SHUT THE DOOR (unfortunately I can’t lock it – yet) and work in peace, not having to worry about boxes crushing me or wondering if I will be able to find my out to the hallway this time amidst all the boxes and stuff everywhere.
Excuse the putrid paint/wallpaper border combination on the walls. It’s not their by choice, and I sure didn’t pick it. Eventually, when we own our own home, I’ve decided I want my office to be my fortress of solitude/ass kicking station.  This is a temporary home and a temporary office, butat least I can move around in it now!

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But You’re Like Really Pretty!!

This is my new online thing i like. I came across it on Facebook and every Wednesday, it promises to provide me with a hilarious cartoon. The characters are all extremely well portrayed and usually in yo face!!

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Isn’t Ga Lovely?

Just when you think everything has been done because Madonnas is getting old (let’s face it people…and her arms are scary) Lady Gaga steps into the spotlight with orbs, bikinis, and pop cans in her hair. Some people don’t like Lady Gaga. I’m not one of them. I adore her. I love listening to her music. I love the fact when she has an event to attend she wears what we would only ever dare to imagine, if that’s even possible. She’s constantly pushing the limits with fashion and make up and being an artist at the same time, using her body and face and hair like a canvas and simultaneously pumping out catchy tunes and dancing like nobody’s bad business. This chick can dress up like a Christmas Tree to go somewhere, but I find it hard to find the motivation to remember to pluck my eyebrows. She’s held my interest on so many levels because I’m a bit of a celebrity junkie, but also love playing around with hair and make up.  I love clothes, but she is BEYOND fashionable, donning “outfits” that nobody has ever seen because she’s got a wiener or something with crazy radar. Bluffin’ with her Muffin, I think the term is called. I love watching dancing and performing and when I see her on the TV for some odd reason I can’t move my eyes from her and her hot legs and bikini bum, and she seems so beautiful and confident and truly unique and different. I love dancing around to her music with Lillienne and dancing like some crazy “Thriller” video cast off who didn’t make the cut.

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365 photo project: week 32 (late)

Oh and by the way, my bangs have now grown out to how I originally tried to cut them.
So we purchased a Canon 5D Mark II. And we are officially dating. It’s beautiful, and sometimes I just walk by and pet it very slowly, and then quickly make out with it if Dustin is in the other room. Seriously? It’s a wonderful camera. And the 24-105 L series lens? Holy crikey batman. Can you say KAPOWBANGBOOM!! Also, I’m pretty sure this camera and lens is going to tone up my arms by the end of the summer. It feels like holding up a cinder block compared to my xti.

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