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Bet you didn’t know I could get any dorkier.

I have had aquariums on and off throughout my life, I like keeping fish and watching them and blah blah blah I’m a huge dork, get over it.
Anywho I purchased 3 small cichlids a few months ago. One got MASSIVE. He still is massive, nearly 3 inches long and fat. Yesterday he ate one of my very small yellow cichlids. Now, the big fat one is even fatter. And ill. And swimming sideways looking at me like “DUDE, Seriously, I just ate a fish half the size of me and I’m gonna BLOW.”
Also, I discovered I have a few snails. They are equally disgusting and fascinating, and they come out at night with their long slim shells and creepy tentacle/eye thingies.

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Honk Honk

I live in a wonderful city. There are particular streets I love, mostly in the downtown area or around/along the riverbank, providing endless paths and trees and flowers and foliage and birds and animals. Have I mentioned the jack rabbits that live downtown? I’m steps from the river and sometimes I can spot them (or is it the same rabbit over and over?)  from my balcony, darting across the streets in the night, narrowly getting missed by vehicles. There are Canada geese along the riverbank and often at various other spots downtown, pelicans at the weir, ducks, seagulls, pigeons, endless people walking an endless array of dogs. The other day I also saw a young man carrying a cat, which I thought was quite odd. I’m not sure which idea is more odd; walking a cat, or CARRYING one around. There have been cougar sightings and last year one wandered up from the riverbank and went to lay down in a patch of sun in someone’s back yard. I’m pretty sure someone shot it, so perhaps that’s a bad example of the loveliness of the area. There are beavers and badgers, and hundred of different birds. Thankfully I’ve never encountered anything close to an experience of “Canada geese/other wild animal gone wild”, but I’ve heard of such possibilities so I always leave at least ten feet of room between us and anything we see.

I’ve been going for walks everyday since SpRiNg has sPrUnG and have been so engrossed in everything that’s going on, mostly watching Lillienne watch everything, that I haven’t even brought my camera to take photos outdoors at my leisure. Booooo.
Next time.

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Babies Vs. Puppies

I’m not entirely sure whether I gave birth to a baby girl, or a puppy.
I wasn’t aware that little baby girls loved to chew on magazines, chew on sandals, and literally puke and poop all over the floor.I didn’t know that puppies AND babies will get into your plants and chew the leaves (and seriously there is dirt everywhere, even though you just went to get a drink of water and was gone for 4.5 seconds), and cause you to vacuum for the second time that day. I never imagined Lillienne would crawl around picking up all the crumbs and bits of things on the floor and put them into her mouth. LIKE A PUPPY. The only major differences? You can potty train a puppy, and the puppy doesn’t need formula that is so expensive that it could probably provide enough food for a small village for a few months. And puppies stink and my baby smells delish.

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