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I guess it’s my turn to eat chip dip with my fingers.

Every year, Dustin goes to school for a week or so in Fairview, Alberta. Last year he didn’t go because I was ready to pop out our baby, but this year, sadly, he’s gone. Until Saturday AM. Boo.
I decided to get a head start in my bachelorette-ing and let Lillienne’s Cheerios lay all over the living room for two whole hours before I got disgusted that I couldn’t walk anywhere without grinding a whole wheat snack into my carpet.  I’ve suckered both my sister and my friend to sleeping over sometime this week, thus providing some interaction for both Lillienne and I with someone other than each other. She is a total Daddy’s Girl, and I am predicting before the end of the week the wrath of “WHERE THE F IS MY DADDY?!” will be unleashed.
Lillienne  has also sprouted her 12th tooth (she is only one!), and that”s including four molars, two on each side of her mouth. She hasn’t been sleeping through the night since before Christmas, and I am hoping she’s done teething  for a while. It’s as if they were handing out super powers the day she was conceived and she got stuck with “rapid tooth development”.
We managed to peel ourselves away from the TV and Olympics on Saturday night, and took in a hockey game with our local WHL league. I wasn’t as upset with the fact that our team lost, as I was with the fact that DRAFT beer was $6.75! and bye-bye, Lillienne’s Savings. Kidding, we took out a small personal loan before we went to the game to pay for our beer all night.
Oh, and by the way, CONGRATULATIONS CANADIAN ATHLETES! You totally took over my heart in 17 days. Talk about bling bling!

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This is my first post since I made the move over to WordPress.  Everyone else is doing it, and I looked into it and fell in lurrrve.  WP offers so much more. It’s cleaner and in my opinion, more user-friendly but also gives me more options and seems more…blog-ish. The one thing I am kind of p.o’d about is none of my videos from my old posts came along for the ride. Wtf, WP?
I had been using blogger since sometime in 2008 and I decided it was time for a change! And BANG!BAM!POW! Here’s the new website, all fresh renewed and smelling like laundry. Mmmm. Seriously, sniff your screen.
The past few days have been spent cleaning up from Lillienne’s party. Yes, her birthday was three days ago. There is still stuff everywhere. And I’ve decided the madness has to end! She received so many gifts and toys that we had to rent Lilli her own apartment two floors beneath our own.. It’s a nice place, she moves in on March 1st.
The Olympics have recently taken over our lives as well, and American Idol watching and basic sanitary and showering has gone out the window. I’ve never been a more avid watcher of the Olympics as I have this year. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s in Canada, or the fact that I am old(er) and stay home all the time and the tv is on, but whatever it is, I’m loving the winter games this year.  I wish I could ski. I’ve only tried twice, and once I skied into a pile of logs. I loved watching ski cross.

Go Canada! Keep those medals coming!

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Gold Medals and Old Cheddar.

The TV has been on CTV since the olympics started last week. I have to say that although I do not enjoy watching all of the olympic sports, I somehow feel compelled to watch them. Congratulations to Alex Bilodeau! And did you guys see Maelle Ricker? She smoked all those other chicks! Good on you, Maelle. Canada’s second gold medal ever on home ground. That was awesome to watch! Also, Dale Begg-Smith can eat cookies in my bed anyday. Yum. Even if he is a sore loser. Boo.
I once had a chance at gold, the olympics. I was a star, a figure skater, and I was BORN TO WIN! I trained day and night, I sacrificed everything, and I even bedazzled my own outfits. And then, I woke up, changed Lillienne’s diaper and watched Super Why! with her.
This time last year, I was 41 weeks pregnant. This time last year, I would have been induced tomorrow. This time last year, I was eating curries and large amounts of pineapple, cleaning my baseboards and going for 5km walks, ANYTHING, in hopes of having the baby come. This time last year, I would be going to bed in the evening knowing that I was going to be induced in the morning.
And now, there’s an almost one year old baby girl in the next room, curled up on top of her blanket, most definitely clutching her panda finger puppet, a little girls who’s hands smell of old cheddar cheese and whole wheat crackers, a little girl with one beauty mark on the bottom of her left foot, a little girl who says Mama and Dada and walks around stealing my heart all day.

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