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Lake office? I think so.

Ok I’m usually against anything more technologically advanced than a beer can opener at the lake, but I brought my laptop so my sister in law and I can work on master of ceremony stuff for our wedding. AKA drink malibu rum in the rockstar camper/party bus without our kids for two hours and get little acconplished.

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Height of the Land – Waskesui, SK

I’m pretty sure every kid who’s ever been to Waskesui has climbed this tower, called Height of the Land. From this lookout point, you can see trees and open skies as far as you can see. Its a beautiful spot that I’ve been to numerous times, and have many memories of the area.

I have a photo of my sister and I in this exact spot, I think I’m five or six and she ten or eleven. I’m glad I can share things from my childhood with my little gremlin.

She is obviously absolutely thrilled.

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DIY Wedding Decorations: Custom Cupcake Toppers

Despite the horrible photo from my crapberry, these are super cute and were pretty easy to make. I used a round punch and also a flower punch, both from Martha Stewart, found at wal mart. For the flowers I used some damask scrapbooking paper and for the flower centers I got some fancy five dollar paper at Michaels, just for the thickness, so the glue wouldn’t make it all bubbly and deformed.

I printed our wedding info, little sayings and our names in a small, cursive font in a word processing program, then punched it out and glued it on top of the flowers, which had previously been glued back to back with a toothpick in the middle.

Granted the punches were expensive (Martha loves the green stuff), but I’ve also used them to make confetti for the reception hall floor with tissue paper and more damask paper, and I’m a crafty broad. I’m sure I can use them again.

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DIY Wedding Decorations: His & Hers oversized letters.

So, I’m getting married at the end of September and as it turns out, I am the new Martha Stewart, although I am Canadian and I’ve never been to jail (yet). But don’t ask me to make a bundt cake.

I’ve been crafting like a mofo and I’m excited to share all of my brilliance with the rest of you Bridezillas out there. (Yes, you.) And also this can apply to any shower or party or kids or adults room. You could spell out put the fuckin seat down with a cute, cheerful paisley print on the front for your guest bathroom.

So my theme/colors are black and white damask, with red as an accent color. If you don’t know what damask is, pull your head out of the toilet and google it.

I found these wooden letters at wal mart. They were nice and solid and already finished in a semi gloss white. They were five bucks each and later on will be living on a shelf in our house.

I had some damask-ish scrapbooking paper left from previous wedding crafts and I traced out the letters backwards, cut them out, applied some mod podge glue to the letter and then applied the cut outs to the letters.

Voila! Matching decor. I saw similar type things on ebay for 3225856 dollars.

Aren’t they cute! They are for the wedding cake/cupcake table….I’m so excited to eat the cupcakes, and I secretly hope nobody eats them..

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