What? Bathroom Cheetos are The Best.

L is nearly two and a half. She isnt potty trained, and is still semi attatched to the soother. Ive began taking her meth soother away during the day again (We tried this once and I decided ZOMGshesoisntreadyforthisyet and popped it back in). She falls asleep with it, but doesn’t use it all night.  I’m not pushing the soother thing to the extreme as this kid has um, spirit, as my mother calls it, and I’ve learned to pick my battles. The end of the suckie is near, though, because we don’t need any Snaggletooth’s in the family. Maybe we can donate the soother to another child, like what some rocket scientists suggest. Anyone want a 2011 previously owned Gerber chewed-on, sucked-on pacifier that smells of toddler breath and pepperoni stick, contact me immediately. This premium deal will not last long.

She is just now taking an interest in the potty after getting over the initial “this is a little chair!” novelty factor and I’m hoping this could soon mean the end of diapers, wipes and butt cream.  I’ve mentioned we can go pick out some Tinkerbell underwear when she goes in the potty, and perhaps it isnt right to bribe someone with shopping but that’s totally what the parenting books say is a logical way to get to her defecate in the toilet. I’m drawing the line at bribing her with candy to go to the can because to this day I cannot go to the bathroom without a bag of Cheetos and M&M’s.

I’m excited to watch her grow up but as new milestones approach it’s another slap in the face that she really is not a baby anymore, and I’m going to have to start using phrases like “big girl bed” and “big girl panties” and “mommy needs a big girl drink with adult juice”.


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  1. Ahhh…the joys of potty training. We did “The Potty Dance” every time one of our boys did the deed in the right place at the right time. Not pretty either, But effective, so I highly recommend it.

    Good luck!

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