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Just Help Yourself.

“Yogurt! Cereal! Stawbies! Cheese! Juice! Apple!”

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Road trip and Mozzarella Stuffed Chicken

My friend and I took a road trip to Regina last weekend. We visited our friend, did shop shopping at the mall and also went to Moose Jaw for more shopping. Since C is pregnant we couldn’t really get into too much trouble but it was super relaxing and enjoyable. I also managed to squeeze in a bit of work down there but I made up for it with wine, lasagna and letting A be the one to paint my toes/handle my feet (besides me) for the first time EVA!!. Truly, a life changing experience haha.

Last night for dinner was stuffed chicken breasts. From grilled cheese to Mozzarella stuffed chicken breasts(source: . What’s next? Maybe I will fly to the moon tomorrow.

You Need:
62 g (1/4 of 250-g pkg.)
Cream Cheese Spread, softened
1/4 cup  finely chopped green peppers – I used a fresh tomato instead since green peppers make Dustin gag.
1/2 tsp. Dried oregano leaves  – I used basil.
1/4 tsp.  Garlic salt
1 cup Kraft Part Skim Mozzarella Shredded Cheese, divided
4 small  Boneless skinless chicken breasts (1 lb.), pounded to 1/4-inch thickness  – I used the bottom of my pepper mill. Normal people could use a tenderizer.
1 cup Pasta sauce
Add some Spinach too,  if you’re super adventurous. * I just introduced spinach to Dustin, using it instead of lettuce when applicable. I did not add it to the chicken in fear of scaring him away too quickly.

Make it:
oven to 400°F.
first 4 ingredients until well blended; stir in 1/2 cup mozzarella.
chicken, top-sides down, on work surface; spread with cheese mixture. Starting at one short end, tightly roll up each breast; place, seam-side down, in 8-inch square baking dish sprayed with cooking spray. Spoon pasta sauce over chicken; cover.
30 min. or until chicken is done (170°F). Sprinkle with remaining mozzarella; bake, uncovered, 3 to 5 min. or until melted.
Serve with choice of carbs. Or salad, if you’re into that kind of thing.


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Turkey Quesadilla’s

Yum. This recipe is from, where I get TONS of my recipes from.

You will need:

Soft Tortillas – 2 per however many Quesadillas you want
Deli Sliced Turkey  (I used Montreal smoked turkey breast from Sobeys)
Onions, chopped
Fresh mushrooms, chopped
Cheese + extra cheese to eat while assembling.

Combine all on one tortilla. Top with the other. Bake at 375 for 10minutes, add some sour cream on the side and if you like carbs (Duh?!) , fries as well. Voila! Semi-healthy supper in 15 minutes. Serve with beer. Lots of it.

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Like Crack, Only Frothier.

MMMMmmmmm mocha.

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More organization, less cheese slices.

By supper time, I am zonked. Wiped out from playing with Lily all day, working, (attempting to) clean and (again, attempting) laundry, tidying up, etc. Supper around our house usually involves the “What do you want?”  “I don’t know, what do you want?” game until we are all lying on the living room floor crying of starvation but with no idea of what to make. Sometimes, it’s Kraft dinner. Sometimes, it’s grilled cheese sandwiches . At least once a week I will do the whole meat and potatoes and vegetable thing, but more often than not its chicken fingers and fries. Or Ragu over fusilli. Or cheese slices and a few goldfish crackers. Or sugar cubes and a squirt of mustard.
I was reading an article in my Today’s Parent magazine  when I saw an article about meal planning and a light went off. Or on. Anyway. I can do that! I can write down some meals and then buy everything I need for the meals, and then make the meals! And then I don’t have to stand in front of the freezer for an hour going “Hmmmmmmmmm” while my nipples get hard enough to take out someone’s eyeball. So, starting next Monday, we are going to attempt to become one of those meal planner families.The excitement never ends around here. Ever. Seriously. I mean, tonight we all bonded watching Teen Mom. Can you say Poor Parenting?


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Dumpster VS. Tablecloth

Although I am sure all the vegetarians in the world died just a little bit tonight when Lady Gaga walked out in her “meat dress” near the end of the VMA’s, I was pumped she won some awards. Her music is like nothing else and it makes me want to get up and shake my groove thing no matter what I am doing.  However original and creative her outfits are, I enjoy looking at them but they should probably never ever be recreated and worn in society for fear of causing car accidents and aneurysms. Here are my choices for best and worst dressed at the 2010 VMA’s.

BEST: Props to Florence + The Machine for this dress. I love it. Sort of Grecian Goddess meets Grandma’s Tablecloth. Modesty at it’s finest! She was fully clothed, her side boob wasnt peeking out and she managed to rock red hair and lips with a PEACH dress and still look beautiful. I’m not a fan of the color but I loved the style and lines of this dress. And she can actually sing. Which brings me to the worst dressed…


Why does Ke$ha always look like she just crawled out of a dumpster and is half asleep? She always looks in need of a shower and some Calgon spray. Eyeliner isn’t meant to look like you’ve got black tanning goggles on, and the Jack Sparrow hair braid thing looks like there may be a family of small birds nesting in it.  Her “music” is lame and I think she needs to go away. She tries way too hard and loses any cred. Pirate Hair, Faux Fur, and Mini Dresses = Fail.I’m sure she will be on Celebrity Rehab in a few years with a mullet and chin hair.

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Lily is rotten, so I bought new mugs.

And of course twelve seconds after my last post, Lily starts hitting me. Hitting my legs, hitting Dustin’s legs, hitting herself on the head…and always with that look in her eye..What are YOU going to do about it? Give me not as many TIMBITS?
Hitting is wrong! Don’t hit Mommy! I just bought you a dancing Frankenstein doll when I could have gotten some new lipstick or a paperback or a bag of popcorn the size of Alaska from Kernels.
But aren’t my new mugs gorgeous? The pattern reminds me of the mugs my at my grandparents house. They make coffee and tea that much more wonderful.And a shout out to my Mother! Happy 52nd Birthday, Yo. Or, as Lily says, HAPPY DAY!

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