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She isn’t cute, she is berry cute.

This summer has been insane. Dustin has been working overtime nearly every night and I have been working every weekend, and doing more work during the week. Weddings and photoshoots, editing and so forth. Every. Weekend. Business is good, although sometimes I feel overwhelmed. So far I have been able to keep up the momentum but usually by nine every night, I am sacked and just want some wine and a queensize bed. But I settle for MTV and any clean surface.
Lily is growing with such a rate and speaking in sentences now. Her words are more decipherable and I would have to guess she knows about 50+ words because I can’t even keep up with her new words anymore. And she is now saying no…and shaking her head and turning away. Sigh. I suppose she has to be more independant but I was thinking more along the lines of when she is 21.
We have gained a neice in the past few weeks,, and Dustin’s sis is also expecting her baby girl any day. One of his brothers is also getting married at the end of August and I love seeing our family expand and grow before my very eyes.

Almost a year and a half old, at The Strawberry Ranch.

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Birthday Cacti

I received a wonderful handmade faux stone planter full of cacti for my birthday from my Mom. OK I actually picked it out and she bought it for me so it wasn’t a surprise, but what a lovely birthday gift. I’ve also managed to root some of the plants and start new ones (bottom photo). Arent my little planters adorable? They’re actually ramekins from Home Sense and I keep going back for more, but I’ve decided to plant cactus in them instead of making desserts in them. WTF, as if I’m ever going to make flan. You want dessert? Here, suck on this packet of Sugar Twin.

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