From Pablum To Prada.

Lillienne’s first birthday party was wonderful. At one point there was 34 people in our dining room and living room, and although I seriously considered jumping off the balcony just to get some fresh air, everything went smoothly: there were no tears or open wounds, and Lillienne charmed everyone by walking around, babbling her excitement. She was so good, and even though she missed her afternoon nap, she let her cousin carry her around like a farm cat, was patient as she was passed around from relative to friend and back again, and grinned like a fool for most of the photos.
I have a hard time believing that a year has gone by, and that the little girl wobbling around in her little party dress was the same baby who we brought home from the hospital, the tiny baby who just lay on her back and squirmed for the first 3 months of her life. It’s amazing how fast she grew up, from rolling over to army crawling to full on baby crawling to walking to nearly running. From formula to rice cereal mush to berries and cheese and crackers. From a teeny tiny cradle to a crib. From a little blue plastic tub to the big bath tub with bubbles and bath toys and Tupperware in the tub. From swaddling blankets and tiny onesies to leggings and shoes and frilly shirts. From baby hats to hair clips and bows. From rattles to cabbage patch dolls. From dewy dewy dewy to hi mom, hi dad. From lying on her back swatting at toys to turning pages in books and chewing on the couch. From baby snowsuits to toques and mittens, pink snow boots and sled rides. From rolling over to dancing when music or figure skating is on TV. From newborn to baby to little girl. From Dustin and I.



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2 responses to “From Pablum To Prada.

  1. Great post, and the photos just capture it all beautifully. Also, I NEVER looked that good, when my babies were brand new. It’s not fair… Happy birthday, Lillienne. Congratulations Mom and Dad.

  2. Happy Birthday to your gorgeous girl!

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