And It Begins.

So, Regina was a blast. We smoked some meth, got arrested, and slept with a bunch of random dudes (AKA we went out for a nice lunch, to the science museum, and to a comedy show). I did miss my baby, though. I recall showing videos of her from my cell phone to my friends in the bar at the comedy show, and I’m sure they were all but trying to poke their eyeballs with swizzle sticks.
When I got home, I nearly fell over my Sobey’s bags (it’s the latest in luggage) because Lillienne had grown a foot, her hair was curlier and longer, and she was taking even more steps. Over the weekend, she had gone from a timid two stepper to running the 5k marathon. She is now doing the “I-am-walking-no-wait-I’m-running-and-my-head-is-pulling-me-forward-and-SPLAT”. And she doesn’t even get discouraged when she falls. She just laughs and points at her milk or something equally fascinating.
Yesterday she was in her high chair in the kitchen, while I was doing dishes. We have some photos hanging in our dining room, and Lillienne pointed to one of Dustin holding Lillienne, and said “Dad!”
I Said “Dad? Dad! You said Dad?! Is this Dad?” I ran over to the picture dripping soapy bubbles as I went to see if I could get her to point and say it again. I pointed at the picture and said”Daddy?!”
Then she just shook her head “no”, back and forth for about thirty seconds. Sigh. Could she know about the milkman?

Yesterday while C was here having lunch Lillenne started to cry because I took something out of her room (an untamed wild stallion, don’t know how that got in there), and she started SCREAMING. So I picked her up and brought her into the living room, and she stopped screaming and gave C a smirk and a look that said “I own this woman.”


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