As I Break Down, Snorting Baby Powder.

Just so everyone knows, I still have a baby. She eats from a bottle. She wears diapers and sleeps alot and she is a baby. Lillienne is a baby and she will always be a baby and I might be having a hard time adjusting to the fact that the first year of her life has gone by in a blink, although I remember every first, every important moment, I have memories of her babyness stashed away that I reflect upon often BECAUSE SHE IS GOING TO BE ONE IN A FEW WEEKS. And she is the first baby to have ever grown up and this is a big deal and all that other dramatic flair. It’s a huge thing. One already? Come on. Wasn’t it just yesterday that all she could do was lie on her back and grunt and flail her arms and legs? Wasn’t she just dozing in her fisher price swing a few weeks ago? Wasn’t I just crying for a double cheeseburger in my eight month of pregnancy the other day?

This video is (surprise) late; She has grown five feet and is now in heels on her way to taking over the world since this video was compiled last week.

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