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The Cure for H1N1

Lillienne may be all recovered from her cold/flu, but now I am the one who wants to cry and be cuddled. I probably shouldn’t have gone away Saturday night, I probably should have stayed home with a chicken soup IV and Advil and drank grape juice instead of champagne and rye’n’diets.
It’s so horrible being sick, and even more horrible when you have a little baby to take care of/entertain. Lillienne is quite happy to play in the living room with her toys while I lay on the couch, squirting some hand sanitizer into my hands every time I cough or sneeze and generally being a boring mommy. It breaks my heart to watch her playing alone, knowing I should be on the floor romping around with her, singing her ABC’s and chasing her down the hallway. Oh, how she loves to be chased. And the kid can crawl, too. Properly crawl. And FAST. The other day I turned around and she was in the bathroom, checking out her bath time toys.
Regardless, I’m starting to feel a tiny bit better, it didnt feel like I had a 5 lb rock in my throat this morning when I woke up, and my appetite is back. Pretty sure I lost ten pounds last week worrying over Lillienne being sick, but I totally made up for it, I found some frozen lemon cheesecake squares in the freezer and they felt fabulous on my throat, so I deemed it necessary to devour the contents of the box.

Find the recipe here. Enjoy the 10lbs you WILL gain when you eat them all.

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365 photo project: week 14

thanks for the cupcakes, oncal!

By the way, KISS was awesome!
Last week Lillienne caught her first cold/flu/something nasty and I have to say she was one sick little girl for a couple days. High fever, barely sleeping, miserable and generally broken. We ended up going to the ER for a fever and she was prescribed some antibiotics and is now fixed!
On Saturday night me girls and I took a road trip to see one of our bff’s for one evening. It was way too short, but we made the most of it.
We wined and dined and learned how to do makeup just like Snow White’s. Thanks, YouTube. If I ever feel the need/have the urge to apply false eyelashes and 6 pounds of eyeliner and mascara, I now know where to go.
We played music and laughed and told stories, we drank Asti and smoked too many cigarettes and laughed some more. It was lovely, alot of fun, and my first FULL NIGHT OVER NIGHT GONE FOR 24 HOURS away from Lillienne. And she was at home on the mend from being sick with Daddy. I missed her so much I kept my cell phone in my pocket at all times, repeatedly scrolling through pictures of her, playing videos on mute and generally having a GREAT time but missing my little girl, and her baby daddy.

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Tonight Dustin and I are going out to see KISS! They’re playing here tonight and I am super pumped to go see them. And have a couple beer. And party every day! Actually I don’t think I would be able to party every day. I’m a bit lame like that, I really need my sleep and alcohol has been known to make me vomit, and I’m not one of those people who can puke and then continue drinking.

Nope, I’m more like Lindsay. Definitely.

I’m not too sure about our seats, the seating chart shows us sitting almost on top of Gene Simmons’ lap. AWESOME! I think he is a hilarious dude. We used to watch Family Jewels all the time until the baby was born. Back when we had free time. Ahh
Maybe tomorrow I’ll see Shannon Tweed at Sobey’s, and we’ll be buying the same brand of feta cheese and she’ll be all like “I love feta too! Why don’t you guys fly down to LA and live in our guesthouse? I can get you a part on The Hills!”
OMG I am totally going to Sobey’s tomorrow because it could totally happen.

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Review: Ultimate Cloth

The Ultimate Cloth people contacted me and sent me their product to use and review. It claims to be, well, The Ultimate Cloth and it actually does work pretty good. No chemicals needed, just get it wet and go to town. Sounds like alot of my friends! Haha. Ofcourse as a Mama I am always cleaning up after something or other. The other night Lillienne projectile POOPED but that is another story. I used this cloth to do a bunch of random things in my house, and it did the job without any products from my cleaning product collection.

Look at that shine. Makes you just want to squish your face all up in that.

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365 photo project: week 13

So, I’ve been on a mega more-healthier food/low calorie/tryingnottostuffmyfaceasmuch thing lately, and I think it’s working! I can fit into my jeans from elementary school!
Can you imagine?
Seriously though, I feel a teeny bit skinnier. I’ve been eating rice cakes and yogurt and drinking more water instead of juice and coffee. I’ve stopped snacking after supper and have cut out alot of salt. And sugar. And basically, everything that is tasty. But to be fair, I did have half a cheeseburger today and it was blisssssssssssss. And the white cheddar rice cakes are pretty gnarly if a tad dry.
Also, a bff and I started strapping our twenty pound babies to us and walking up the 21 flights of stairs in my apartment building. And then walking back down. 2x a week. Do you know what this does?
It immobolizes you for 3 days afterwards. I could hardly get out of bed a few nights ago to go to the bathroom. Totally walked like that pirate dude off of Family Guy, like I had two stubs that could not would not bend at the knee.
My goal? To fit my tree stump calves into these rockin’ bad boys I have had for 2+ years. I’ve yet to wear them.

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H1N1 –

I took Lillienne to get her h1n1 vaccination the other day. She was fine, cried for about thirty seconds, then decided that checking out all the other kids running around and having their parents chase them was alot more fun than crying.
I chose to vaccinate my child. I also get my child’s regular recommended vaccinations done.
People are dying from this. Children are getting really sick. Healthy adults are getting sick. This can be prevented- with a vaccine.
Alot of people are not getting vaccinated because:
a) They are scared the vaccine may cause long term side affects. -What about if your child gets sick (and dies)? What if your child/baby catches h1n1, spikes a fever of 108 and gets brain damage? What if they catch H1N1 and die two days later? Because these scenarios are real, and are happening! What if you could have prevented your child from getting sick?
b) They believe it is some type of conspiracy, hoax, or ploy. -Seriously? You think that since the outbreak of a disease that occurred in the spring of 09 that the government has been planning a conspiracy and is putting scary things in the vaccine? Do you think the Government of Canada want children, babies and young adults to get sick and possibly die? Someone said “Population control.” Get fucking real. If they wanted to control the population, they’d make it mandatory for the leeches of society to be immunized first. Not tiny babies and pregnant mamas and healthy children. Someone else mentioned micro-chips being put into your body via vaccination. Stop watching retarded movies. Do you think the Government of Canada can afford do to that? They already have records to track us- it’s called your SIN number.
c) It hasn’t been tested enough, who knows what it can do- Well we know what H1N1 can do- kill. It’s called a pandemic because it hits hard and fast. I’m pretty sure if it was just a regular virus they would do tons of testing with it, like the seasonal flu shot. It’s being produced and released quickly so people do not get really sick and croak. No major side affects have been reported, and the amount of mercury that people are freaking out about? IT’S LESS THAN EATING A CAN OF TUNA.
I find it quite odd that alot of people are so sure that this shot is the wrong choice and all of the paranoia that is going on only makes it worse. We are way too paranoid, people. How is is that people won’t trust this, but they have enough trust to take any other medications they are given, they trust enough that if they had to go to the hospital they would be in good hands. They trust enough to get their child vaccinated with other childhood vaccinations. But when it comes to a pandemic, when it comes to someone offering you a chance to not get sick, people aren’t accepting.
I have not gotten my own h1n1 vaccination yet. It’s not available yet to the reasonably healthy people. The high risk categories right now are children under 10 but over 6 months, pregnant mamas, and people with chronic health conditions. My child falls was in a high risk category, and it’s my responsibility to keep her safe. No, I don’t take her places where I know sick people will be, she’s not in daycare, and I don’t allow sick people to come over. But what if.
And yes, I will be getting the h1n1 shot.
I’ve trusted mr Doctors through my whole life, a healthy pregnancy, a safe delivery of an emergency c-section, through these months of Lillienne’s first year, and I trust them now.

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365 photo project: week 12

This is nearly a week late. Yes, I forgot about it. Life sometimes just gets in the way.

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