I’m thinking a low fat drink with tons of booze isnt going to happen.

Yesterday, Wednesday the 25th I chowed down on:
breakfast: christmas orange
lunch: yogurt
supper: wild mushroom soup and crackers.
Not bad! I was a bit hungry throughout the day but I made sure I kept busy by cleaning and playing with Lillienne and dreaming about cramming chocolate of all shapes and sizes in my mouth. God, I miss eating like shit. And tomorrow we have a party to go to where there will not be low calorie drinks, and I’m not apt to have water at a party. I may have to take a day off to consume a horrid amount of calories. But I am bringing the veggie platter, so I think it all cancels each other out. That’s what I am telling myself anyway.
December is going to be a crazy busy month for me, so hopefully I will be too busy working to notice how much I miss cheeseburgers and dill pickle chips. My photography business I opened up in September is taking off, and I am booked every day of every weekend in December, and already have bookings for January and February. I also have a few weddings booked for 2010 which is really exciting. I hope I can manage to not devour the wedding cakes. I dont think anyone will be too impressed with a photographer who has cake crumbs all over her face or a cupcake shoved into her bag for later.
Tomorrow my bff and I are taking our wee ones to the Mall for the first Santa pictures. Pray for me. I hate people in costumes, I dislike the mall well enough at Christmas time, and there will probably be free candy canes there. I better wear a muzzle.


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