Mmmm tv and beer. Although not so good for my thighs.

Grocery shopping last night, I think, was a huge success. Nothing horrible went into my cart. I bought Light feta cheese, fat free activia and some other things that sound boring but actually taste pretty nummy. Also, I think I burst the budget with the fresh stuff. HOLY CRAP it’s the fresh produce that kills you. Especially the stuff that isnt in season. 5 dollars for 5 strawberries, 6 dollars for a watermelon rind. I didn’t go overboard with the stuff that isnt in season, instead I chose more varieties of apples and Christmas oranges.
Yesterday, this is what I stuffed my face with:
morning- yogurt. coffee.
afternoon- yogurt
supper-fettuccine with mushrooms and pork and garlic sauce.
evening- I think I might have slammed a yogurt somewhere between after supper and my bedtime.
Also, the grocery shopping counts as 20 minutes of cardio, including shuffling baby and bags and everything else around. Also, I am always the one to put groceries away which alone is a daunting task.
I read somewhere that if you write down what you eat, it makes you much more aware of the things you’re willing to eat. Also, if you blog about it (and you’re honest), you’re that much less likely to eat a bag of zesty Doritos with a diet Coke as an appetizer before your boyfriend/husband gets home for supper. Not that I have ever done that. I always go with regular Coke.
Tomorrow the stairs exercise program starts again in full swing. I took a week and a half off when Lillienne and I were so sick that rolling over would cause a 15 minute coughing session, which means by tomorrow I should we walking like that pirate dude off of Family Guy again, unable to bend my legs in the slightest way but loving the feeling of knowing something got a workout.


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