Week 1 of Get-This-F’in-Baby-Weight-Off-Me Diet

Welcome to the ultra-intense-extreme dieters blog. How amazing is this – I’m going to diet-AND BLOG ABOUT IT! Wow, this is a totally original concept I have just come up with, and I’m sure I just lost the 4 followers I had. Nonetheless, you heard it hear first, folks. Babies,Parenting, and Dieting involving my life. Live, here on this blog. Can it get any more exciting?!?! Your head is spinning, I know!
Do you know what is sad (Besides the lives of The Gosselin kids)? The fact that I can barely fit into my pre-baby tops. Guess what? I used to be a small. A SMALL. I used to have a tiny waist and I even have extra small clothes in my closet I once wore. I am not delusional, this is a true story. You know what else is sad? Buying clothes after you have a baby, and the clothes fitting, and then three months later, they dont fit so well. Everything is going awfully awry with my “lose the bay weight diet” plan. ..
Rice cakes and tuna are my friend, and I’ve really cut out all the nummy things. I miss them.
As of now, the sweetest things in my house are chocolate milk mix and yogurt. I am very bad with salty things as well like crackers or popcorn, and find it hard to not stuff my face with carbs in general. It’s hard to keep fruit in the house because if I buy too much, it all goes bad before I can eat it all (Dustin does not eat fruit and Lillienne can only eat so much). Same goes for vegetables, but I am really trying to make a difference and use them anyway. Dustin won’t starve to death but he will have to choke down a diced green pepper and onion sometimes. Maybe even some peas or carrotts. Dude needs to take a few for the team here.
Any healthy, tasty, low salt recipes welcome. Snack ideas, too. And I will try and get some more exercise. I’ll get back to you on that one. Welcome to Day 1 of Get-This-F’in-Baby-Weight-Off-Me Diet.
My weight- Too F’in Much.
My Goal – Hotness, not HotMess.


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