Germs and Bacteria = Mmmm!!

The other night I was lying in bed reading Today’s Parent magazine. My sister got me the subscription, even though I would have preferred french Vogue, but really, they are practically the same, except instead of Louis Vuitton ads there are The Children’s Place and Tide Scent-Free ads. Anyway, I was reading an article about germs, and about how some parents go WAY overboard trying to make their homes and surroundings absolutely sterile and germ free. I really believe this is ridiculous. Yes, you need to wash your hands before you eat, after you go to the bathroom, and after you touch animals. Yes, you need to be aware what your baby/kids are putting in their mouths, you need to use soap, and you need to keep your home relatively clean. No cobwebs or dirt encrusted windows, people. And supervise when your child decides to make mud pies, please.

The truth of it is, not all bacteria and germs are bad. Bacteria and germs are everywhere, and most of them are good. They protect us and our kiddos against disease and help us digest our food.
Also, you don’t need to go nuts using the Purell or any other kind of antibacterial gel or soap. Regular soap works fine. I know with H1N1 all over the news it’s kind of hard to stay rational about germs, cleanliness and our health but I think if we all take precautionary measures like washing our hands, eating healthy, staying away from sick people and refraining from licking the toilet seat, everyone will be alright. Get your flu shot, cover your mouth when you cough, and dont try to make your home as sterile as a hospital. You might be doing more damage than you know. Triclosan is a chemical in most antibacterial soaps AND cleaners that we use, and this chemical can promote antibiotic resistance. There’s nothing wrong with keeping a nice clean home and reminding your guests, spouse and children to use soap, to wash their hands before they eat and to wash them after handling an animal. It’s basic hygiene, people!

Check out the complete article here.


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