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Sophie the Giraffe : WARNING

Everyone and their dog has heard of Sophie the Giraffe. The all natural rubber teething toy for babies that squeaks and fits so nicely in a baby’s mouth. Here is an official page for the toy, and listed below are the toys stats:

Natural Rubber is soft, safe & non-toxic for baby to bite & chew.
Sophie the Giraffe is Phthalate-Free with NO Vinyl (no-PVC)!
Complies with US Safety regulations ATSM F963
Decorated with non-toxic, food-grade paints.
Lightweight; well-thought design makes it easy to grasp with their tiny hands.
Stimulating to baby’s senses with her soft colors & gentle squeak.
Bumpy head helps soothe sore, teething gums.
Sophie makes a soft squeak when squeezed – such fun for a baby!
Slender, flexible & soft – babies love manipulating & chewing on Sophie.
Hand-made in Rumilly in the French Alps, Sophie the Giraffe is a classic!
Height: 15cm
Age: 0-12 months+

Sounds lovely, doesnt it?!

The site claims the toy is very safe and that celebs and their babes cant get enough of it. I have one, well, Lillienne does. She got it from Jen, my longtime BFF. Her daughter Sophia also has a Sophie the Giraffe. Well, HAD is more like it. If You have this toy in your house, PLEASE BEHEAD IT NOW. My friends daughter choked on the fucking things head. Yes, it’s soft and babies love to bite it. Babies can also fit the whole head of the giraffe in their mouth, when they have bitten down on it and the head goes flat. Then, the head can INFLATE in the babies mouth obstructing the child’s airway. This toy is dangerous and these toys may be in a baby’s crib or in the backseat with the baby in the carseat, anywhere where the baby is unsupervised, even for a few moments if this toy is around.

Please dont let your baby play with this toy. I put Lillienne’s very high up on a shelf, or throw it in the trash. Or, you can keep it around like Jen did, BEHEADED. Sophia still loves it. It wont squeak, it will still be all those wonderful things listed above but it won’t choking hazard. Please pass this message along and perhaps save a baby’s life. Jen wrote a letter to the company and I’m anxious to hear what they say.

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365 photo project: week 4

I’m a couple days late posting my photo collaboration for this week but hey, Friday was a gong show of beer and more beer, and have I mentioned the beer? I might have gotten slightly drunk at a function for Dustin’s work, but I’m pretty sure I didnt take my top off or give any one a lap dance so it’s all good. We don’t get to go out too often so when I do I like to make sure I make a night of it. And I have pictures on my camera that prove that I was having a great time, even if I dont remember it.

On a side note, I’m not sure why sometimes my pictures are blurry and look very low quality when I upload them to blogger. I swear I’m not taking these with a disposable camera, or my sweet neon pink camera McDonalds was giving away with a Happy Meal in 1989.

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SPONSOR ME! Winners Walk of Hope in support of Ovarian Cancer Canada

Winners Walk of Hope in support of Ovarian Cancer Canada

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Lucky Number Seven

7 Things I Want To Do Before I Die:
1. Travel everywhere I possibly can.
2. Learn how to play three instruments.
3. Take my daughter to Disneyland.
4. Write a novel.
5. Go on a trip with my mother and sister.
6. Have my own business.
7. Learn Italian, French and Hungarian.

7 Things I Cannot Do:
1. See the movie before reading the book.
2. Not crank the music when a song comes on that I like.
3. Stop taking pictures of my daughter.
4. Write a novel.
5. Play hockey.
6. Pretend I like people.
7. Become anorexic.

7 Things That Attract Me to the Opposite Sex:
1. Sense of humor/wit
2. Intelligence
3. Kindness
4. Curly hair
5. Confidence
6. Green eyes
7. Guys who have bigger calves than I do

7 Things I Say Most Often:
1. I love you
2. For fuck sakes
3. Pfffffffffffffft
4. Do it
5. Not tonight
6. Okay, tonight
7. Your butt stinks

7 Celebrity Crushes:
1. Jake Gyllenhaal. And no, his eyes arent too close together.
2. Brad Pitt. Duh, he’s BRAD FUCKING PITT.
3. Orlando Bloom. He has nice eyes.
4. Steven Colbert. Shut it.
5. Liam Neeson. Eyes again.
6. Sandra Bullock. If I was into girls, I’d be into her.
7. That quirky dude from The Big Bang Theory. I like dorks.

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Babies Vs. Puppies

I’m not entirely sure whether I gave birth to a baby girl, or a puppy.
I wasn’t aware that little baby girls loved to chew on magazines, chew on sandals, and literally puke and poop all over the floor.I didn’t know that puppies AND babies will get into your plants and chew the leaves (and seriously there is dirt everywhere, even though you just went to get a drink of water and was gone for 4.5 seconds), and cause you to vacuum for the second time that day. I never imagined Lillienne would crawl around picking up all the crumbs and bits of things on the floor and put them into her mouth. LIKE A PUPPY. The only major differences? You can potty train a puppy, and the puppy doesn’t need formula that is so expensive that it could probably provide enough food for a small village for a few months. And puppies stink and my baby smells delish.

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