And I didnt even start melting in the church.

I watched my wonderful, handsome, caring, best male friend get married this weekend. It was the most beautiful wedding I have ever attended, and his bride was gorgeous, amazing, beautiful, breathtaking. The church was something out of a film and I cant believe I’ve never been inside it before, and that I live pretty much across the street from it.
I love weddings. I really do. The look on my friends face the entire time was priceless. I felt some little spark inside of me ignite and then glow, and then the tears came. To know how truly happy he is, to see his face and to be standing up there so proud. Genuinely AWESOME. I was and am SO happy for him. He deserves the best in life, and I was thrilled to share the day with his new wife and family.
For some reason I have been a very shitty very-amateur photographer and forgot my camera. Right on. But I`m sure I can steal a few of facebook to save on my computer. Oh, the joys of facebook.
Dustin is back to work today and I think he told me about six times that he had the best week off in his life. So dissapointing to see him leaving for work this morning but hey, my baby needs diapers, dude.

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