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Dont Eat The Furniture.

A few days ago, after had picked Lillienne up out of her crib from a nap, I had her sitting/bouncing on my lap. She was smiling and happy, like she always is when she first wakes up, like she has been injecting giggles and smiles while she’s been sleeping. I leaned down to nibble on her cheeks, and I noticed black stuff on her lips. Then I noticed some on her cheeks. And finally, some inside her mouth. Instantly, I put the baby down on her playmat and went into her room, where I inspected her crib and found teeth marks on the bars. MY FIVE MONTH OLD BABY IS ALREADY CHEWING ON THE BARS?!?!?! We have watched her as we lay her down to sleep some nights, and she rolls onto her side, stretches her hands out towards the bars, and pulls herself close to them. I didnt think she would be chewing on them, but she IS/WAS. What a gremlin. I had to but her baby bumper pads back up in her crib so she cant chew on her bars anymore. My little baby is growing up, and ruining her crib that is to be for HER BABY BROTHER/SISTER someday. My sister probably chewed on my crib bars, too, before it was passed down to me. Thanks, Celeste.
I cant believe how fast Lillienne is growing up. I. Really.Cant. It’s stupifying. She does something new everyday, a new face, a new grunt, moving and sqiurming across the floor. The other day she was halfway under the tv stand, the next minute, nearly under the coffee table. I have no doubt in my mind she will be crawling very soon and then what am I do to wth my 60997543 plants I have all over my house? I’d totally put them all in my bedroom and live like Jane in Jungle. It would totally be worth it for my little crib chewer.

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wonderful wednesday

Reasons why today is a wonderful day:

– Lillienne slept last night from 9pm until 9am this morning.
– Greek salad waiting for me in the fridge.
– Nabob coffee perkin’ smells better than anything else in this world.
– Cara’s coming over for lunch, Celeste is coming over to visit, and Erynne is coming for coffee later today.
– Dustin is simply wonderful.

I need to get my ass in gear. I want to start running. Maybe like, just a fast walk at first, then build up to a jog, then start running, then have a heart attack. Dustin runs. He started a while back and now he can somehow get his body out of bed at the ungodly hour of seven go for a run, and then go to work. If he can do it, I can. Right? RIGHT? I mean, I’m a pretty competitive person. But waking up EARLY to go OUTSIDE and RUN? for reals, yo. We’ll see. Anyhow, I wouldnt mind going shopping for some kick ass new runners. Maybe new shoes would get me in the mood! I am really at my wits end here. I hate gyms, they are always packed and you have like a 35 second time limit on the cardio machines, WHICH IS WHERE YOU NEED TO SPEND LIKE ATLEAST 45 MINUTES if you want to see any result. I hate working out at home, because thats just gay. I dont mind lifting weights and stuff at home but no tai bo or tai boxing, only thai chicken and thai take out, etc. I am thinking perhaps this weekend I will start. I’ll go ALONE so nobody can witness the girl who jogged for sixteen seconds, found a park bench, lit a cigarette and then passed out on her way to the ice cream stand.


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B is for Booyah! Sleeping through the night.

When we went to the farm at the end of June, Lillienne decided that she was going to sleep through the night the three days we were there. Bliss. I figured it was because we spent 99% of our time outside, there were so many new people to meet and visit, and because I let her chew on my beer bottles. When we returned home though, it was back to the 4am feedings. It was as if she knew we werent on a mini-vacay anymore, this is reality Mom, get the eff up and feed me. We recently spent another 5 nights at the farm and guess what? She slept through the night the entire time we were there. Which was great because I got my groove back there, who knew it was hiding in the Saskatchewan outback, and waking up for a bedtime feeding while you are still slightly buzzed is no fun.

We have been home for four nights. Lillienne is still sleeping through the night. Big Deal, you think. But I say nuts to you and your childless life, with your ten hour slumbers and clean clothes and I could go on. It’s a huge deal! I sincerely hope she continues this. The night before last she slept from 10 pm until 9 in the morning.

Did I mention how she is the definition of perfection? Seriously. Come on.

*youre not cool unless you make the scrunchy face

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And I didnt even start melting in the church.

I watched my wonderful, handsome, caring, best male friend get married this weekend. It was the most beautiful wedding I have ever attended, and his bride was gorgeous, amazing, beautiful, breathtaking. The church was something out of a film and I cant believe I’ve never been inside it before, and that I live pretty much across the street from it.
I love weddings. I really do. The look on my friends face the entire time was priceless. I felt some little spark inside of me ignite and then glow, and then the tears came. To know how truly happy he is, to see his face and to be standing up there so proud. Genuinely AWESOME. I was and am SO happy for him. He deserves the best in life, and I was thrilled to share the day with his new wife and family.
For some reason I have been a very shitty very-amateur photographer and forgot my camera. Right on. But I`m sure I can steal a few of facebook to save on my computer. Oh, the joys of facebook.
Dustin is back to work today and I think he told me about six times that he had the best week off in his life. So dissapointing to see him leaving for work this morning but hey, my baby needs diapers, dude.

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3 years and a little princess…

We have been out of town for a few days, and I am really glad to be home. Although we had a fabulous time out of the city, there is just nothing like coming home to the apartment you threw a fit in before you left, picking up things you threw around your house like a madwoman as you tried to get everything ready and entertain the baby and dont forget the bottle liners (i forgot the bottle liners) and do you have her nine million onesies and etc etc etc. We were only away for 5 days and nights but we packed enough stuff for alteast five Gosselin kids. Gooslings? Geese?
I took a shitload of amazing pictures of family, friends, a wedding and the farm and then I pressed a few buttons on the camera and deleted 150 or so of them. Awesome.
Dustin and I celebrated our 3 years together on the 20th by getting smashed in his hometown bar that makes your eyes bleed from the stench that only old small town bars can have. Thanks for babysitting, Grandma. I didnt even puke.
Lillienne also turned 5 months old on the 19th. She gets more beautiful every second.


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