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its rocky balboa!!

so this kid is kicking me alot and it feels CRAZY!! we moved last weekend and on friday my sister was here, we were unpacking boxes, i decided to take a break and lay on the floor and all of a sudden the baby went wild. she could feel the kicks and everything, it was awesome!! that night, dustin felt the baby kicking up a storm as well as we lay in bed.
today it was being shy, just a couple of kicks after lunch 🙂
the new apartment is great. roomy, clean, great view, safe, etc. we REALLY miss our animals though 😦 little shits.
pre natal appointment soon!!
till next time


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20 weeks belly photo.

and yes, i am wearing my boyfriends underwear.

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1/2 way

Today marks (roughly) the half way mark. This first half went by so fast, I cant believe it. The worst parts: no energy, feeling nauseous. The best parts: being able to eat again and keep it down, feeling the baby kick, baby’s hiccups, etc.
The baby was upside down last night and kicking me in the lungs (or so it felt like it) at around 9. Baby always kicks at night, and after peanut butter sandwiches.
Last night I had a dream that I was feeling the baby kick very strongly, and then I woke up and it was kicking me. I cant wait to meet the little guy/gal.
Also, were moving this week. We took our rotten rotti to the farm, I bawled. Were also sending the kitty to our friends house. I dont know how its going to be without animals, even now without Oskar, it’s so quiet, its creepy. Something is definately missing. Its very sad.
On the other hand, I am quite excited about setting up the nursery in the new place. And setting up the new place in general.
My mummy gave us a rocking chair she bought and painted white, my dad is building us a white crib and change table, and I’m so thankful!! Everyone loves this baby and us so much and its the best feeling in the world!!


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another baby pic in utero

18 week ultrasound pic!!!!!!!! aww

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second ultrasound this morning. i cant believe (well i can, but still) how much the baby has grown in the past four weeks. it went from…something with a head….to a BABY!!
we saw the head, little hands and feet again…saw the umbilical cord really well…we saw that the legs were crossed at the ankles, it was just chilling out. the heartbeat was 141bpm.

went and saw my family dr after ultrasound for my fourth prenatal appointment. we listened to the heartbeat again (dustin has not heard it at my last appointment), he measured my growing belly…took my blood pressure and said i was doing great. i really do love my dr and i was dissapointed to learn he does not deliver babies anymore, but my ob/gyn is amazing as well and i really like her. good thing, because she’ll be delivering the baby.

calgary in two days. YAY! going to see mum for her 50th!!!!!!!!! and ofcourse go to ikea.
what does a person get their mother on their 50th?? gift certificate for more tatoo’s???


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Contact Information

Feel free to contact me at All your emails are appreciated. Except the ones I dont like. I delete those.

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