the pregnant insomniac

ive had so much difficulty sleeping lately.
i will fall asleep around midnight or so (after lying in bed since 10 pm)
then i will wake up at two to pee. most times i can fall back asleep until around four, which is my next pee break, and then i am up for the day.not so great when work 12 hr shifts starting at seven am.
last night i woke up at two thirty to go pee and was up until seven thirty am.
rolling around in bed.
i have tried reading.
warm milk.
relaxation techniques.
it is a horrible, horrible feeling, when you are so exhausted all you want to do is sleep. but when you close your eyes, they wont stay shut.
yes, i worry. i worry about the residents at my work. i worry about my job. i worry about my baby, i worry about having listeriosis since i had that ham the other day. i worry about having enough money on mat leave, i worry about selling the truck and bikes so we can buy a house. i worry about finding the right house. i worry about money a little bit more. i worry about family.
being pregnant has opened my eyes to alot of thing. one thing, worrying even more.

i just want to sleep.


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  1. Anonymous

    HI Sweetie, i have the same problem with sleeping, only mine is due to being older,,,,I find a glass of milk and a blanket in front of the tv usually helps.Love you lots and thinking about you,,,,Mom (Grandma) xoxoxo

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