in utero

I had a scary situation. I called my doctor and I went in right away. He examined me and said my cervix was closed, everything looked fine, but to go see my OB/GYN anyway. I saw her a few moments later (pure luck i got in) and she examined me as well. Big mystery about the old blood. Anyway, we heard the baby’s heartbeat!! Pretty cool. I started crying like a huge sucker.

After that they wanted me to come in a few days later (today) for an ultra sound to make sure everything looked good. Baby`s fine, placenta is in the right spot, etc. We saw some fluid in the baby`s tummy which was neat, the kid is swallowing the amnitoic fluid which is normal. We saw the fast flickers of the heartbeating, and a hand, the spine, the head, saw the little legs kicking.

The ultra sound tech gave me a little picture and I got mad because I saw like the 50 pictures she took and she probably gave me the crappiest one. Oh well. It`s a picture of my baby and I`m very proud.


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