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the pregnant insomniac

ive had so much difficulty sleeping lately.
i will fall asleep around midnight or so (after lying in bed since 10 pm)
then i will wake up at two to pee. most times i can fall back asleep until around four, which is my next pee break, and then i am up for the day.not so great when work 12 hr shifts starting at seven am.
last night i woke up at two thirty to go pee and was up until seven thirty am.
rolling around in bed.
i have tried reading.
warm milk.
relaxation techniques.
it is a horrible, horrible feeling, when you are so exhausted all you want to do is sleep. but when you close your eyes, they wont stay shut.
yes, i worry. i worry about the residents at my work. i worry about my job. i worry about my baby, i worry about having listeriosis since i had that ham the other day. i worry about having enough money on mat leave, i worry about selling the truck and bikes so we can buy a house. i worry about finding the right house. i worry about money a little bit more. i worry about family.
being pregnant has opened my eyes to alot of thing. one thing, worrying even more.

i just want to sleep.


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16 weeks belly shot.

Our ld computer fizzled out on us so we bought a lap top awhile ago. I had some belly pictures o the old computer, I hope one day all those pictures can be restored somehow. Here is a picture of me at sixteen weeks. It might not be that big of a deal to you, but next to the other pictures, there is a major difference.
Yes, my hair looks quite greasy in this picture and I look crappy, tired, so on and so forth. But i’m SMILING!!!

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I’m getting fatter. I have a ridiculous belly but only below my belly button. Its pretty lame, I look like some random shopper you’d see at Wal Mart.
Even one of the residents and the care home i work at pointed it out today. “That was not there last week!” he says…(he’s the only one there who remembers anything) He thinks it will be a girl and tells me to eat his dessert….
Besides getting chunkier and not fitting into anything except sweatpants and scrubs, my dog is sick.
He’s got ear mites which is like a really bad ear infection. He is SO fucking grumpy, he is like Cujo. Tonight i gave him a hot dog after i cleaned his ears and it was the first time he wagged his little nub in so long.
My next ultra sound is september 8th and I already cannot wait. I want to see those little legs kicking again. Apparently, I’ll be able to hear the baby’s heartbeat with a stethoscope soon,too. I will try my hardest not to steal the stethoscope from work…Im pretty sure I wouldnt be fooling anyone, anyhow, since they see my attempt it every day.
Today i bought some teeny tiny baby bath tub toys. Ducks and whales.
Yes i am getting excited.
Also, exciting news. We have decided on names for the baby.

Boy – Simon John Wesley Elliott.

Girl – Lillienne Elizabeth Elliott.

All are family names except Simon. We just think it’s cute and rarely used.


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in utero

I had a scary situation. I called my doctor and I went in right away. He examined me and said my cervix was closed, everything looked fine, but to go see my OB/GYN anyway. I saw her a few moments later (pure luck i got in) and she examined me as well. Big mystery about the old blood. Anyway, we heard the baby’s heartbeat!! Pretty cool. I started crying like a huge sucker.

After that they wanted me to come in a few days later (today) for an ultra sound to make sure everything looked good. Baby`s fine, placenta is in the right spot, etc. We saw some fluid in the baby`s tummy which was neat, the kid is swallowing the amnitoic fluid which is normal. We saw the fast flickers of the heartbeating, and a hand, the spine, the head, saw the little legs kicking.

The ultra sound tech gave me a little picture and I got mad because I saw like the 50 pictures she took and she probably gave me the crappiest one. Oh well. It`s a picture of my baby and I`m very proud.

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