both dustin and i keep having dreams about the baby and its always a girl in the dreams…

i had one a few nights ago where i was holding her and giving her a bottle. then i woke up and all i could think about was holding the baby, it was like i missed the baby so much even though it was only a dream.

i think my morning sickness is going away. i havent felt sick for the past two days or nights. my first trimester is almost done. THANK GOD. i still want slurpees all the time.

what sucks is getting up to pee four or five times a night. i dont mind getting up so much as NOT BEING ABLE TO FALL BACK ASLEEP. for the past three or four nights, ill get up to pee at midnight, then two, then three, and then four am, and then from four am on, i cant sleep. i dont sleep during the day, and im not stressed or worried about anything, i just cant fall back asleep. it really sucks when you have to be up at six to be at work for seven for a 12 hour shift..

yes, i complain alot. so what?!?!


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