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My longtime, childhood best friend, Jen, is having a baby, too!! I am so happy for her! and happy for me that i am not going through this alone!! I am just a few weeks ahead of her, my baby is due feb 10.08 and her is due march 6.08, so its going to be close!!!

This makes me so happy, i cannot even explain it. Now i will have someone to do all this baby stuff with and talk about it with. The boyfriend is excited, but its different with guys. they dont get it, and wont until the kid is in his lap in the hospital.

Someone to get fat with, do little baby stuff with, go for walks with, get in shape again with…yadda yadda yadda.


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both dustin and i keep having dreams about the baby and its always a girl in the dreams…

i had one a few nights ago where i was holding her and giving her a bottle. then i woke up and all i could think about was holding the baby, it was like i missed the baby so much even though it was only a dream.

i think my morning sickness is going away. i havent felt sick for the past two days or nights. my first trimester is almost done. THANK GOD. i still want slurpees all the time.

what sucks is getting up to pee four or five times a night. i dont mind getting up so much as NOT BEING ABLE TO FALL BACK ASLEEP. for the past three or four nights, ill get up to pee at midnight, then two, then three, and then four am, and then from four am on, i cant sleep. i dont sleep during the day, and im not stressed or worried about anything, i just cant fall back asleep. it really sucks when you have to be up at six to be at work for seven for a 12 hour shift..

yes, i complain alot. so what?!?!

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I’d actually like a slurpee right now, please.

So far in my first trimester I have gained three pounds. I guess thats what cheeseburgers and slurpees do, though. Actually, to be fair, I havent had a cheeseburger in weeks. But i do crave slurpees everyday. YUMMMM.
The appointment was good. I gained three pounds, blood pressure was perfect, but we couldnt hear the baby’s heartbeat using the doppler thing. My doctor said when I come back in four weeks, we’ll be able to hear it for sure. Also, only 7 more weeks until I can see the baby on an ultrasound!!
Tomorrow is 2 years together for Dustin and I, arent we cute?!?!?!


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Second Appointment Already!!!

Tomorrow is my second prenatal appointment, Im kind of anxious to see if I have gained any weight, sometimes I have no appetite at all, then other days I could eat constantly.

I’m in my tenth week, pretty soon I’ll be done my first trimester, and it seems like we just found out we were having a baby yesterday.

I still get quite sick, its starting to taper off during the day and then hits me around 4-5 pm until I go to sleep.

I went to the Kid Rock concert last night, it was quite good. We had really excellent seats and were quite close to the speakers, I was worried the bass wouldnt be good for the baby, but then I saw a bunch of other pregnant women there as well, so I figured I was safe.

For the record, I had a few sips of beer, and it tasted fantastic.


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i lied.

yes, i lied. the morning sickness is not gone.
it just went on vacation for a few days, then came back, full on.
im in my 9th week, the end of my 3rd trimester is near, and i am really hoping that the morning sickness passes soon.

MY MUM IS IN TOWN!! its so nice to see her and spend time with her. on wednesday i will be sleeping at my sisters house where my mum is staying. im excited.

p.s. Mum, for my birthday, I DO want that Nine West baby diaper bag. Love you!!!!!!!

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