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We put up half of our new fence today, now just the fence boards have to be put up. Today was probably about plus 32, very sunny and windy. I’m sun burned pretty good, now I’m not casper white anymore.

For the record, morning sickness has set in. Oh yes. I eat three times as much when I’m hungry (not really hungry, though) because I know I’ll barf up more than half.




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really sleepy lately, but doing good.
ive been working SO much its ridiculous, but ive got to make hay while the sun shines. i do have half of saturday and all of sunday off, whoohoo!!
my boobs are SO sore i cant even lie on my tummy at night, my favourite position to sleep. also, heartburn is brutal. nothing helps, everything i eat or drink gives me heartburn. yummy!!
other than that, feeling great!!


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i cant stop peeing. i never used to wake up in the middle of the night and pee, and now i’m going every 2 hours, even if i dont drink anything before bed. lame.

on a very positive note, there’s been no morning sickness yet. how awesome is that? i hope it stays that way.

i havent had any cravings besides yogurt. mmm, yogurt. i can eat like ten of those little yogurts a day and still want more.

my first pre-natal appointment was good. he didnt really tell me anything new, just that everything seemed good and to come back in a month. he was also glad that i dont use street drugs (???)

241 days to go. my baby is due on feb 10…. hello, aquarius.

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yay, another hobby

im sure that most brand new moms to be feel like me. yes, i know theres a baby growing inside of me…but it doesnt seem real….yet.
i cant touch it. i cant see it. i certainly cant hear it or feel it.

tonight i went with my darling cousin and bought some scrapbooking supplies. everyone who i know who has a kid, says ENJOY THIS PREGNANCY because it will not last long.

scrapbooking is one of many hobbies i have started in the past, getting REALLY into in and then shoving it all in a box and chucking it in a closet for a couple years.

i have a feeling that wont be happening with this one.

p.s. there are some really cute yellow and green baby clothes!!

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ive been sleeping alot, i got the flu from people i work with….
yesterday i watched baby shows on TLC all day. the new parents are always super happy and make it look so easy those first few hours home with the baby….

went shopping with my cousin today. bought some flowy shirts and shorts, im really glad flowy is “in” now.

my sister made me massive quantities of home made chicken soup. got to love free food, and her, too.

also went and saw my grandpa today. he is adamant i do not find out the sex of this baby, that i wait until the final day. i said i would. finding out at the very end is an awesome reward for all the labour.

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pregnancy confirmed.
im “with child”.
knocked up.
a bun in the oven.

first doctors appointment on monday.

bye bye, martini’s.

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just a bit pregnant

so i got to the doctor today.
ive no idea what’s supposed to happen/how these things go about.
i call and make an appointment, and go see him after lunch.
this is the same doctor who delivered me, so im walking there and feeling really excited and nostalgic.
i pee in a cup to confirm the pregnancy.
while i wait, i read baby magazines.
(wow, i can read these now without looking over my shoulder!)
he comes in.
“so whats up? you’re late or something?”
I laugh. “uh, yeah.”
“pee in this and bring it in tomorrow morning. the test is too faint. it’s there, but its faint. just a little big pregnant.”


screw you, and dont insult my dinosaur-looking embryo baby molecule or whatever!!!

i take my little cup with the pink lid and leave.
im still smiling.

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